CAMERA: Stephen Sizer Complains to Police About Blogger

I just came across this article today found on the CAMARA site [Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America]. Not sure if you have read it. It raises some interesting points…

[…]if Rev. Sizer truly believes that Christian Zionists are obstacles to making peace in the Middle East, then how can he justify attending an anti-Zionist conference that was held in a country that refuses diplomatic relations with Israel, was sponsored by Holocaust deniers and featuered a known supporter of terrorism such as Mustafawi?

Does Rev. Sizer’s disagreement with Christian Zionists in the U.S. really justify his appearence at a conference that included representatives from Hezbollah, an organization responsible for the deaths of hundreds of American servicemen in the 1980s and a terrorist attack in Buenes Aires that killed 29 people and injured almost 300 in 1992?

[…]it is even more embarrassing that Rev. Sizer, a man who has been given a platform to express his opinions by a murderous and dictatorial regime in the Middle East, has complained to the police in Great Britain about a blogger who criticizes him.

CAMERA: Stephen Sizer Complains to Police About Blogger