The Sanhedrin and Bnei Noah global laws…

My last post brought to my attention once again about The Sanhedrin and The Bnei Noah. This rang alarm bells for me big time.

Why? Because I have already blogged about them a while back and what I found out is almost impossible to believe! The Noahide Laws of the Bnei Noah allows for BEHEADING those who do not follow their seven laws!!! Does this sound vaguely familiar to you???

…also documented the punishment for not following the Noahide Law, one of which is death by beheading.

This is from the official Bnei Noah Site.

I too, have wondered about these laws and have found it interesting that the Temple has to be rebuilt in order for these laws to come into effect. For this to happen there is the problem of the Dome of the Rock. But this is not so much of a problem when you consider that the Dome of the Rock can stay just where it is, and be classed as the court of Gentiles according to Prof. Joseph Patrich who got back to me with an email and said this… It is outside the temple court, but still within the screen barring gentile entrance.

Not only that but there seems to be something of a amalgamation of a Joint Halachic – Sharia court on the cards! If you really want to get your teeth stuck into some more stuff see:

  • Jerusalem Court for Issues of Bnei Noah 

    This court has been set up to serve the needs of B’nei Noach worldwide. Judaism does not view itself as a universal religion, instead it sees itself as a national faith. This is understood within the context of the Jewish teaching that there are seventy nations or groups of people in the world. Each group of people must develop its own form of worship, unique to its own character. There is however a basic minimum common to all proper faiths, and this is the Noahide teachings. The Sanhedrin, through this court, is required to play a role in helping to clarify these most basic teachings, and each group of people in turn must set up its own religious court to expand, develop and adapt these laws to fit the needs of its community of believers.

A MUST read alert. Once again coming from Scott Brisk Moriel Ministries.

The following is found on the Sanhedrin’s site:
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