More Books and Things…: We blog these things for the few

I have to yell a hearty AMEN to Carla’s post here…

So why would any person in their right mind spend three hours of their much needed beauty sleep posting a well researched article with a dozen live links, all previously searched out during long hours of burning the midnight oil, to warn Christians about false teaching when maybe 30 of them will skim through it and nod their heads in agreement, 30 might quickly browse the headline and decide it’s not bad enough news to bother reading, another 30 will politely disagree, yawn and move on to a more interesting website, and 9 more may read it, shake their head in disgust, and leave a very nasty comment? Here is why – we who blog these things blog for the few; the remnant,

More Books and Things…: We blog these things for the few

And on a personal note, I have learnt a WHOLE lot from Carla’s blog. This is probably one of the most poignant pieces that Carla has written and it pretty much sums up why I blog too. I love you Carla, a friend that I can’t wait to meet someday. If not in this lifetime, I know it will be in the next when we can sit at God’s feet! May God bless you Carla, God has certainly blessed me with you 😀


6 thoughts on “More Books and Things…: We blog these things for the few

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  2. Oh Vee, now look what you’ve gone and done…made that salty stuff leak out of my eyes again.

    ~ sniff sniff ~

    Thanks my friend from the other side of the world. I have probably learned a WHOLE lot more from your blog than you have from mine!

    God bless you, and yes, we will meet some day. 🙂


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