Holocaust: Some deny, some say more…

Jan. 14 – Catholic priest says newly-revealed mass graves indicate there may be as many as 1.5 million additional Holocaust victims.

Father Patrick Desbois told a meeting of Jewish organisations in New York that he’s discovered 700 extermination sites in the Ukraine where at least one and a half million Jews were murdered.Jim Drury, Reuters

While other priests say…

Forget Bishop Richard Williamson. Now Pope Benedict XVI and the Catholic Church have Bishop Dadeus Grings to worry about. On Friday, Grings, the archbishop of Porto Alegre, said “more Catholics than Jews have died in the Holocaust, but this is not usually told because Jews own the world’s propaganda.”[source]


A priest in an ultraconservative society recently rehabilitated by Pope Benedict XVI has defended a bishop in his group and joined him in expressing doubts about the Holocaust.
While making more cautious remarks than Bishop Richard Williamson, the Rev. Floriano Abrahamowicz echoed, in an interview published Thursday by an Italian daily, the prelate’s doubts that Jews were gassed during World War II. [source]


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