Thumbs down for Sizer…

I logged on today, and to my surprise my stats on a certain post were WAY, WAY up! And all because of THIS comment. Oooo look 18 thumbs down for Sizer’s comment to me! DOH!

Now if you have no idea what on earth is going on and would like to find out all about this Leeds student that Stephen Sizer alludes too see HERE. And  a whole heap of comments HERE from others who have picked up on this story. Others are posting about this HERE.

I would just like to sincerely thank the Leeds student for bringing this bullying to peoples attention and I would personally like to thank all of those who have meandered over to my small blog to give their support!

10 thoughts on “Thumbs down for Sizer…

  1. Pingback: We wish to show our solidarity with Seismic Shock who has been the victim of intimidation for shining a spotlight on the anti-Zionist theology of Reverend Stephen Sizer. | eChurch Christian Blog

  2. It’s currently 26 thumbs down!

    Gee, Brothers Stephen and Anthony, any more boxes you would like to open?

    I’ve blogroll’d your and Stuart’s blog, and direct you to an annotation I made on the latter.


  3. Excellent – and nice to see you’ve put “anti-Semitism” back in the category for my blog!


  4. Hi there – I think we’re probably WAY different in terms of how we view the world, but Dr Ben Goldacre just put in a message on Twitter about how a fellow Australian is being harassed in this fashion and I just wanted to say that I hope things sort out and that you’re not deterred from linking to what you like. 🙂


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