Logos and the Memra – the connection

Just blogging this to remind me to read the rest of this most fascinating article from Saltshakers…

Virtually all commentaries try to claim that Yochanan’s writing on the Logos was based on Greek philosophy. The “Logos” in Greek philosophy meant reason and speech. The commentators claim that what Yochanan was saying is that by reason Yeshua was the very idea of God, and by speech He was the very expression of God. These ideas sound good and may even have some merit. But, what they fail to realize is that Yochanan was not a Greek philosopher but a Jewish priest. What he had to say about the “Logos” was not so much about Greek philosophy, but Jewish theology. While the Greek term behind the idea of “Word” is “Logos,” it is a reflection of a Rabbinic concept known as Memra.

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