2012 Mayan calendar – What ARE people saying?

This is a very grounded article written by Calvin Smith (a different Calvin Smith… okay Cal) about the 2012 drama currently hitting all main stream media formats. Calvin Smith mentions something that intrigued me about the environment.

Anyway, you may want to check the article out…

“What about 2012?” came the question from one of our fellow tourists (while I was on a day trip visiting some ruins in the Maya Riviera, Mexico). The answer was summarized perfectly by our Maya guide. He rolled his eyes, sighed and proceeded to reassure the group that it was simply the end of a time cycle on the Mayan calendar, not the coming apocalypse! (Apparently he had been asked the question several times.)

The tagline to the recently released special effects extravaganza movie 2012 (see our review of the movie here) declares; “Never before has a date in history been so significant to so many cultures, so many religions, scientists, and governments.”

Knowing what the Maya believed, this certainly seems like a great deal of artistic license on behalf of the makers of the film, until the modern ‘buzz’ behind the 2012 date is examined and compared to current thought regarding culture, religion, science and government.

By understanding that Western World cultures have adopted many antibiblical ideas (such as evolutionism, new age-ism, religious plurality, aliens/UFOs and radical environmentalism), the (above) statement becomes more relevant.

Look at what the International Institute for Sustainable Development wrote in a paper (written two years ago) to influence the future strategy of the UN Environmental Program (UNEP): “The environment should compete with religion as the only compelling, value-based narrative available to humanity.”

So environmentalism is akin to religion? The ‘space brothers’ are ‘out there’? Mankind needs to reduce its population? None of the above theories make sense to someone that holds to a biblical worldview, so what is the common thread throughout almost all of these groups? The belief in the theory of evolution over millions of years. 2012 Mayan calendar


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