Changes to WordPress – looks like fun for all

This morning we got an important alert in our dashboards. It said something about something called ‘Intense Debate’.  Matt from WordPress says…

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the product, Intense Debate supercharges the comment section of WordPress blogs and other sites with cool features like threading, reply by email, voting, reputation, and global profiles. There are a few companies tackling this space right now, but I was impressed with how much ID (Intense Debate) has been able to do with a small team, and happy to find that their common platform (PHP and MySQL) would make integration a lot easier.

Going forward, the plan is to keep Intense Debate available as a platform-agnostic independent service, much like Akismet. We’ll start to integrate its features into WordPress core, [Matt’s blog]


Once its up and running it should look like this.

Here’s a screen shot…


Kinda like a mini forum.

4 thoughts on “Changes to WordPress – looks like fun for all

  1. Thanks for stopping by and for the compliment. I agree this theme is pretty good. To find older posts you can just go to the archives tab at the top under the title.

    And to keep up with comments you just go to one of the side bars and from there you can see who has commented.


  2. Oh.. and of course when they bring in this new “Intense Debate” you can rss comments, it will also include, threading, reply by email, voting, reputation, and global profiles. Should make the navigation of the interactive part of the blog a lot easier!


  3. I’m definitely looking forward to the integration of Intense Debate with WordPress! I’ve loved what it can do for some time but wasn’t too happy it didn’t integrate well then. 😦


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