Todd Bentley’s Commissioning – A most bizarre event!

redflag1 This is a RED FLAG post!

What is with this woman! This is most most bizarre manifestation I have ever seen! When I watched this particular youtube and saw this woman, Stacey Campbell, I thought about the two faces of Janus! To me that is what she looked like…most weird! I have seen pretty bizarre things, but this is the most shocking yet! She is hissing like some sort of snake, and whatever she is doing, I would not think physically possible!

[Hat Tip: Sola Dei Gloria]

Anyway, PJ from Sola Dei Gloria does an excellent job in posting her thoughts on the commissioning of Todd Bentley after watching the whole thing… you can find them HERE, a must read post!

He compared what is happening to Acts 8…the story of Phillip. OK, but this is what shocked me, he also quoted Psalm 2…

6Yet have I set my king upon my holy hill of Zion. 7I will declare the decree: the LORD hath said unto me, Thou art my Son; this day have I begotten thee. 8Ask of me, and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession.

This is about Christ–I hope you know that. Apparently Todd does not for he attributed these verses to himself and the ‘Kingly Anointing’ upon the false prophets there on the stage with him. He said, ‘I’m not just reading these verses, I’m making a decree…a Prophetic decree”…

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9 thoughts on “Todd Bentley’s Commissioning – A most bizarre event!

  1. I have researched spiritual deception, cults, and the hazards of the occult for nearly 20 years and been exposing and refuting it with biblical truth for almost as long. I have seen this type of behavior in cults and in people who are fully demon possessed, with my own eyes!

    What Stacey Campbell is doing in this video is not from the kingdom of Heaven and the Biblical Jesus, but from the prince of darkness and the kingdom of the occult. A non-physical, unseen presence is influencing her, either from the inside (most likely) or the outside of her body.

    Just for the record, nominal, professing Christians, who are not really born-again of the Spirit of God, can become heavily demon possessed through the occult-false anointing. The demons within them can then mimic their voice, voice inflexions, facial expressions, moods, non-verbal behaviour, etc. They do this in order to deceive all those around the individual who is possessed. Perhaps this is what is going on here!

    Just as God accomplished real and true miracles, signs and wonders as the biblical Gospel was preached, so to Satan can do, to some degree, real miracles and signs and wonders, so as to deceive people, including Christians, to accept demonic doctrine.

    Surely this is the case with Stacey Campbell as she manifests some sort of demonic frenzy at Todd Bentley’s “Commissionsing Service”

    In the world of the occult, this is known as a form of Kundalini awakening!

    It is my very strong recommendation that you DO NOT allow young children to watch this video or play it when they are in the room. This video will terrify them and most definitely scare them if they think they will see this at “Church”. Sadly, this type of behavior is occurring on a very large scale at Todd Bentley ‘revival’ meetings.

    This folks, IS the kingdom of the cults and the occult! This is not Christian by any stretch of one wildest imagination!

    I have compiled many well researched articles and have posted them here on my Spirituial Research Network website.

    Be sure not to forget the words of our Lord, or you will be deceived!!!

    Take heed that no man deceive you. For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ [anointed]; and shall deceive many (Matthew 24:4-5).

    Hope this helps,
    Sincerely for the cause of the Biblical Jesus Christ,
    Chris Lawson, Director
    Spiritual Research Network
    Jude 3, Philippians 1:8-9


  2. …and to think that Stacey and her husband are on the Board Of Reference at the Salvation Army War College in Vancouver B.C. and Pat King is one of the visiting teachers!!!


  3. Thank you Chris for your comment…and Faith, that really doesn’t surprise me I’m sad to say. Spiritism has entered into all denominations now.

    For a long time now I have thought that this type of shaking is very much like the kundalin serpent being aroused. The more I research and listen to the teaching that comes from the lips of such demonic influences, the more I see that it is NOT the Word of God, but rather occultism/spiritism close to the what the ecstatics experienced and wrote about.

    I find it interesting to say the least that a lot of these people have endorsed what they do because the early Church, meaning Catholic here, has always had their ecstatics. John Crowder is one such fellow who speaks highly of the ecstatics. He, I think, has gone one step further into spiritism with a post-modern cutting edge to attract the youth.

    As the apostate Church finds her way back to the Church of Rome in ecumenical and obviously now interfaith unity we will witness an increase in teaching that has been gleaned from the early ecstatics. Also you can find ecstatics in all faiths. This could well be the the unifying factor of all faiths.

    Wayne Teasdale writes in Mysticism as the Crossing of Ultimate Boundaries A Theological Reflection

    Interspirituality3 is a term to describe the breaking-down of the barriers that have separated the religions for millennia. It is also the crossing-over and the sharing in the spiritual, aesthetic, moral and psychological treasures that exist in the different traditions of spirituality living within the world religions. The deepest level of sharing is in and through one another’s mystical wisdom, whether teachings, insights, methods of spiritual practice, and their fruits, The mystical life, in its maturity, is characteristically, naturally, even organically interspiritual because of the inner freedom and liberation the mystical Journey ignites I in the depths of the person. It frees us from the obstacles within us that would hold us back from that generosity and willingness to partake from the mystical springs of other traditions. To drink this precious nectar requires openness and a capacity to assimilate the depth experience of these venerable traditions. More and more it is becoming common for individuals to cross over the frontiers of their own faith into the land of another or others. So much so is this the case that we can speak of this new millennial period as the Interspiritual Age. This development is momentous news for the human family because up until this point humankind has been divided, segregated into spiritual ghettos. Out of this separation has come so much misunderstanding and thousands of wars sparked by mutual suspicion, isolation, competition and hostility.

    I have found this site called “The Council on Spiritual Practices” which is a collaboration among spiritual guides, experts in the behavioral and biomedical sciences, and scholars of religion, dedicated to making direct experience of the sacred more available to more people. There is evidence that such encounters can have profound benefits for those who experience them, for their neighbors, and for the world. If you want to read any articles from the movers and shakers, this looks like a good place to start.

    If anyone else has any links that they would like to share with me, please feel free and post them to me either in comment, or my email is


  4. Is that true Faith? Wow…I didn’t know that. That is way too close to home.

    Hey Vee, I checked out that website and it has all these native shamanism links. Not good. It’s alarming to see how it’s all blending together in the last few years.


  5. I have found another link that I just want to pop in this comment, so not to forget about it.

    It is called the “Kundalini Energy and Christian Spirituality – Discussion

    Kundalini energy, the ancient serpent power of India, has come to the West. It is appearing visibly in the lives of westerners for the first time. Sometimes it has been invited, but sometimes it has erupted spontaneously, much to the recipient’s surprise and dismay. This discussion area is devoted to the encounter of kundalini with Christian spirituality. What happens when Christians begin to experience kundalini and reflect on it in the light of their own tradition? This discussion area is based on four resources written by Philip St. Romain and James Arraj.


  6. TODD BENTLEY~ RESURFACES ~ southern California REVIVAL
    Just a word of caution on watching this video (or any other Todd Bentley video): the spiritual elements surrounding this man are strong and can have quite an influence. Please be spiritually and Biblically sound, and prepared to plead the blood.
    Prophecies throughout time have named this as the end time, movement to a golden age, gold referencing the alchemy of time and consciousness. To examine the accelerating physical Earth changes and consciousness of humanity, recognizing and healing its issues, is to understand this evolutionary process and what is occurring. There are many factors linked to December 21, 2012 back into light, from which the human biogenetic came. The best barometer for you, is your own intuition, which will allow you to sense great changes. Dreams and meditation will also guide this part of your journey
    Wagner says, “In this year to open the gates, one gate that we must swing wide is the gate of change.” At his New Age Initiation into the Global Harvest Ministries. He also told Bentley “Todd, you are the portal (star gate) to the future.”
    On December 21, 2012, for the first time in approximately 26,000 years, the Sun will rise to conjunct the intersection of the Milky Way (eye, heart, center) and the ecliptic plane. The sun aligning with the galactic center, is referred to as the Cosmic Cross. According to the ancient Maya, this date will mark the end of one world as we know it and the beginning of another. It is considered to be an embodiment of the Sacred Tree, The Tree of Life, a Tree remembered as sacred in all the world’s spiritual traditions. Emerging from this tree, or star alignment, comes a serpent (DNA) rope with an enlightened being named Nine (9, Closure) Winds (Wormholes, Spirals, Star Gates, SG, Sacred Geometry). Nine Winds is Quetzalcoatl riding upon a blessed substance the Mayans called ‘itz’ (it’s Z).

    Peter Wagner “prophesies” his Global New Age vision for the New World Religion. “As the Body of Christ, we do not seek change for the sake of change, but so that God’s presence can manifest in a new way. The declarations and worship that we release literally change the atmosphere around us. Detroit is a key city with a distinct sound and expression that influences the very heart of our nation. This Metroplex also exemplifies a convergence of cultures and nations.”


  7. Oh dear! Well, I’m not supprised to see and hear of this..haShem has warned us that this would happen and how to see this…nothing new to me and I have always been alert and stayed close to Him and His Law and teachings. Praise and thanks to haShem for granting me His Mercy, His Spirit, Wisdom and understanding all and to teach others.

    May Adonai bless and keep you all and keep and/or bring you on the Road to Justice and Shalom!


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