YouTube – REAL REVIVAL – 2 of 4 – Asbury College 1970

This video is the second part to something very special that happened in Asbury College back in 1970.

After watching all 4 parts of this video I found that most amazing thing about this revival was how it came about. The Holy Spirit moved upon each one them as one student after another gave their personal testimony.

This revival’s emphasis was never the gifts of the Holy Spirit, but rather the need for repentance of their sins and to get right with God in their own personal lives.

At this revival there was repentance and it was noted that amazing restraint was exercised by the students as the Holy Spirit dealt personally and intimately in each persons life. The students continued to articulate their justification from their sins as they spoke their testimonies and it was then that the wonderful counsellor, the Holy Spirit, began His work on others.

The Holy Spirit interacted personally with each one of them in regards to their continuing sanctification in the grace and forgiveness that can only come from Jesus Christ. They were made humble before a Holy Lord. There was even a sense of fear and awe before the Holy and Righteous God Almighty.

The chapel meeting which should have only lasted 50 minutes, instead it lasted 185 hours non-stop, 24 hours a day; there was no leader of this meeting to direct it, obviously the Holy Spirit did. From there the students travelled far across America to give their testimony which sometimes took less than five minutes. It seemed that the less was said, the more the Holy Spirit spoke.  Conviction continued to break out as truly humbled hearts were broken ready for the Holy Spirit to repair and make new.

This is the type of revival that I pray for.

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5 thoughts on “YouTube – REAL REVIVAL – 2 of 4 – Asbury College 1970

  1. It is amazing isn’t it! I was really blessed by listening to this video. Blessed in a way that made me realised how Great Thou Art, and how poor am I.

    I really needed to hear the humble message that was brought forward by these videos.

    I pray that you were blessed by it too!



  2. I was 17 years old in 1970 when this revival broke out. Because our church was affiliated with Asbury Seminary, a group of students came to our church on a Sunday morning and asked permission to share what God had done on their campus. My minister was a stickler for proper order and announced from the pulpit that he was giving them five minutes and that they needed to respect that boundary. Well, as you might guess, five minutes gave way to an hour and I can’t remember how much more. But, it was the real thing…..not the “drunkenness” of God, but the sober, searing conviction of the Holy Spirit leading to fervent repentance. May God stoke those ancient, pure revival fires again in our generation!


  3. WOW!!! Thanks Nancy for sharing your account.

    The preacher in the video said that it is was hope that each generation be a part of true revival at least once in their lifetime. And when he speaks of revival, he doesn’t mean what passes off as revival today, but one of conviction and repentance.

    Thanks for your input here. May God bless you!



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