Todd Bentley – Angel manifestations – The return of the Nephilim?

This is a RED FLAG post

I was flicking through some of my fave’s (More books and Things and Sola Dei Gloria)and a particular name

keeps popping up.

And that name is…. drum roll please… Todd Bentley.

Now, as I live on the other side of the world the Buzz about Bentley has not hit our shores yet, but from what I can read from people who have been to his circus ahem, shows or whatever they are… there is clearly a demonic overtone. One that sounds very similar to the Toronto Blessing and Kansas City Prophets. He is linked to Patricia King from the Elijah list — enough said!

One post from “More Books and Things” called “Bentley Book” is a good one in connecting all the dots with other false prophets and another one called “Bizarre Bentley Things” has a few links to the Bentley videos.

“Sola Dei Gloria” has written a very important post called “Most Contagious Anointing – Florida” and when I read this my ears pricked up. Why? Because of a certain Church that certain people that I know attend will more than likely welcome this phenomena with open arms and with little discernment! This Church is always on the look out for spiritual manifestations. It is always seeking after signs and wonders. This Church is very familiar with angel visitations already, and has had guest speakers ask little children to encourage such visits and have asked them to keep a night time journal to document such “Night Seasons“.

Speaking of angel visitations, Bentley has many angels hang out with him and dissect him, literally.

The scary thing is this… the witnesses to such spiritual things noted the following manifestations…

  • They come back with this kind of childlike drunken stupor.
  • Descriptions of a burning sensation either in their veins, heads or stomachs.
  • Descriptions of being washed back and forth like the waves in the ocean;
  • Dancing about like drunk…
  • Inappropriate yelling and screaming like they’re at a football game;
  • Young men whistling over and over and holding their heads and claiming that they “feel the Holy Spirit about to split them in two”;
  • One young man’s back two teeth turned completely to some metallic finish.
  • People with their eyes rolled in the back of their heads and weaving around like they’re lost.
  • Women just gyrating and pulsating like they’re being ravaged from behind from some unseen force.
  • Drunken uncontrollable laughter in the middle of a solemn prayer time.

Sola Dei Gloria’s post has much more about these spiritual manifestations and then the post ends in scripture that actually states that this behaviour is actually demonic. I have to say I concur 100%.

In fact after reading about the angel visitations and some of the above behaviour — especially the woman gyrating and pulsating like they’re being ravished from behind — sounds an awful like an un-holy spiritual union is taking place. The manifestations are no different to kundalini and I am convinced that this outward behaviour is a reflection of something that is happening in the spirit realm. The Bentley’s of this world will call it a revival, but I think that this a judgement from God. These people are becoming unequally yoked in the most un-holiest way.

Another post well worth a read is “The Fruit Of The Spirits Todd Bentley Operates Under, and a comment…” this has a link to a couple of youtubes that are extremely disturbing to say the least….

If you watched this then you know this guy testifies of an Angel reaching into his body and operating on him…Todd talks of basically the same thing happening to himself in this disturbing clip…of being whisked up into heaven and placed upon an operating table: Todd Bentley and the pillar of fire.

Does anyone else hear anything familiar in these testimonies to something else?

I watched just a few of the youtubes and I did so only after I prayed for protection under the blood of the Lamb, Lord Jesus Christ, and I was absolutely horrified at what I heard. Something deep and spiritual is happening, people are being transported to some kind of spiritual realm and they are being operated on! This German minister, who intends to take this particular anointing back home with him, said that he followed a what he calls an “angel” back to his hotel room and then he was knocked out for several hours. In that time he remembers this spiritual being — that he calls an angel — playing around with his insides like an operation was happening.

I have no doubt in my mind that this phenomena will increase world wide. Similar things will happen to people around the globe but they will interpret their experience through their own cultural/religious lens. What one person says is an angel visitation, another will call it an Alien abduction while the hindu/ New Age/ Occultist will call it a kundalini experience, aligning the chakras, and the list goes on.

Nowhere in the the bible does it say that this kind behaviour is in any way a good thing; show me where it says that it is good and from God! I bet you would have to do some serious scriptural gymnastics to say that this is a sound biblical practice! People are testing this in the wrong way, they are saying to themselves… if this is from you God, then give it to me…let me experience it, then I know it will be true. The true test is to search the scriptures to see if this is from God. Scriptures in context and without using any scriptural gymnastics!

An article called “A BIBLICAL PRECEDENT Aliens from Outer Space, or Angels?” is a must read for those who are trying to find out about the truth regarding this phenomena! Here is a quote from the article…

From the account in Genesis 6:1-4 reams of mythology have been generated. The New Testament also makes note of this event in three key passages: I Peter 3:19, 20; II Peter 2:4-6; and Jude 1:6-7. The facts of the case are simple and the supporting arguments are too many and varied to detail each one in this writing, but the event may be summarized as follows:

1. Angelic beings (“sons of God”) came to Earth, lustfully desiring the attractive daughters of men (Genesis 6:2).

2. They took whomever they chose as wives (Genesis 6:2).

3. This angelic intervention occurred not only before but also after the time of Noah’s Flood (Genesis 6:4).

4. The offspring from these unlawful unions were physical giants (Nephalim – “fallen ones” – in the Hebrew) (Genesis 6:4).

5. The fallen angels who committed this sin were incarcerated in Tartarus where they now await judgment (II Peter 2:4 Greek).

Arrogant Goliath, who challenged David and was slain by the latter (I Samuel 17:49-51), was one of the Nephalim (“fallen ones”), a giant offspring from an unlawful union between a fallen angel, or demon, and a human. Goliath was among the second, or post-Flood, outbreaks of such giants. He stood nearly 10 feet tall.

6. Only a portion of the angels who originally fell with Lucifer committed this atrocity, since all who thus sinned were imprisoned, but there are other fallen angels who are not bound (Jude 1:6).

7. The sin of the angels was the same as that of Sodom and Gomorra; i.e., they gave themselves to fornication, specifically going after a different kind of flesh (Jude 1:7).

The answer is clear. Genesis 6:1-4 records a unique intervention of certain fallen angels into the affairs of humanity. They intervened by inbreeding with women, and their horrendous offspring – part-angel and part-human were doomed to genetic failure and judgment. This was an attempt on the part of Satan to pollute the “seed of the woman” (Genesis 3:15) so that no conqueror could eventually come and defeat him. The elaborate plan almost succeeded, but God spared Noah, keeping him unpolluted, “perfect in his generations” (Genesis 6:9), thereby preserving the way for Jesus Christ to be the fulfillment of Genesis 3:15.

Though this most strategic aspect of Satan’s agenda was foiled, the angelic interbreeding wrought havoc to this Earth. Wickedness became so widespread, even into the animal world, that God had to send the judgment of Noah’s flood. The actual existence of the “mythological” figures of the satyr (goat-man) and centaur (horse-man), for example, are monstrosities which likely have an historical basis in fact. Demonic meddling in animal genetics could very well have brought about the grotesque assemblages of the “gods” that we read about in ancient mythology. When the outbreak occurred again, after the Flood, God imprisoned the wicked spirits in Tartarus and omnipotently brought the outbreak to an end.

The darkened heart of the unbeliever, nevertheless, was a ripe place for Satan and his demons to sustain the memory of these fallen angels. The angels had become gods. They were to be worshipped. They had come from the stars. They had imparted “life” to humans. They had performed spectacular miracles, and revealed great truths, never before imagined. They had returned to the stars (according to Satan’s delusion), but not before they left a promise to come again! Such are the themes of so many stories and beliefs around the world that the masterful counterfeit of Christian truth is almost frightening. A perfect example of all this is recorded in Acts 14:8-13 where Paul and Barnabas are assumed by the Lycaonians to be human manifestations of their gods who had come down to do miracles. God’s work was attributed to demons.

  • You can find other posts on this subject that I have written HEREHERE and HERE also William Branham is said to be one of the influences of Bentley and this particular move. The topics I cover are all interrelated.

Col 2:18 Let no man rob you of your prize by a voluntary humility and worshipping of the angels, dwelling in the things which he hath seen, vainly puffed up by his fleshly mind,

Worship in greek…

From a derivative of G2357; ceremonial observance: – religion, worshipping.

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19 thoughts on “Todd Bentley – Angel manifestations – The return of the Nephilim?

  1. I highly recommend the link above in the automatically generated section…”Todd Bentley’s Angels” and “Todd Bentley’s (and prophet Bob Jones) angel, Emma”. These two links go into great detail regarding the Angel manifestations and what happens when Bentley is put on the operating table!

    Please visit these two links so that you can become informed about this most unholy spiritual union. Please test things against the Holy Book, and be a berean.




  2. “I have no doubt in my mind that this phenomena will increase world wide.”

    I sadly agree with you Vee. It may not spread directly from what is occurring in Lakeland, but Lakeland is like a fore-runner of what we can expect.

    My mind has been reeling in the last week, by the many Christians who have not only posted at the blog, but have written me letters [through my contact page] angry, because i posted scripture to refute what we are witnessing in this revival. I always believed there was a minority out there, of Christians who had and are getting caught up in things like this. What i wasn’t aware of were the sheer number of them. Its not a minority but a majority!

    Anyway, i popped over to give you a link to an article you might like to read. I came across this tonight while looking for something else. aha!

    Its actually from a book titled: ‘The Other Side of the River’, …the excerpt is titled: “John Wimber’s Paradigm Shift, The River Movement and the Kundalini Effect”


  3. Thanks for the link 🙂

    Much appreciated… now I have to go and cook tea for my starving family

    This woman’s work is never really done is it???



  4. I truly believe that some of the flock who are attending these revival’s and of course the churches that are involved in this, will wake up and come out, and that there will be true believers that will be there for them.

    I’m one that came out and could see and hear demons (The angels of light came first to lure me in) then the demon manifestations. I was very scared and buried myself in the Word of God, repented and asked the Lord to take away the manifestations. Praise the Lord, He is faithful!!!!!

    Folks, it is embarrassing to say the least for us that come out, and people who don’t know about this will look at you like your crazy. I truly believe that some of these have a true heart for the Lord and will wake up and get back on the narrow path, they aren’t crazy but blind and deceived. This breaks my heart and we need to pray for the saints. The Lord knows who is His and Praise Him for His Word and making this blind person see.


  5. I agree Underhiswings…

    I know of people who were into the Toronto thing and then saw it for what it was — God’s judgement.

    We should always pray for the Church, it is under massive attack.

    Thank you very much for sharing your experience with us. I pray that others who come by this post will see that you were faithful by going to His Word and repenting. Of course He will answer a repentant heart. Praise God for people like you who are not so far gone that they think to test everything against His Word.

    May God continue to bless you and keep you.



  6. I know someone who came out of the Toronto movement and had to go through deliverance! This stuff is definitely not of God, and the Florida revival is more of the same. About those warnings, I am taking heed to those as well. I found myself feeling toxic after watching too many clips. Enough already…how much jerking and twitching and weird stuff does one need to see to recognize the false teaching?

    I’m glad you posted about this Vee. Thanks for the links….my little blog has been unusually busy the last week thanks to those and some older posts about Mr. B. I pray that as a result of faithful bloggers tellling it like it is, many will see the truth about these things.

    If people would only read their Bibles they would recognize the counterfeit.


  7. Wow Carla… deliverance hey! That does not surprise me at all…

    Just wanted to let you know that PJ has found another article that really needs to be read, written by Jackie Alnor called “Todd Bentley’s Diabolical Signs

    Sadly, this circus show featuring an “illustrated man” is now on the road and targets young people and new believers who are not armed with a knowledge of Scripture so they are sitting ducks for deception. The crowds following Bentley are seen being overcome by ugly spirits of drunkenness and stupor. Those in the church who are crying out against this injustice perpetrated upon our weakest little lambs are being squelched by the “Christian” media, since those in control of the airwaves suppress the truth in unrighteousness. And any otherwise solid ministries that buy airtime on networks such as TBN and the God Channel shut up their own mouths for fear of biting the hand that feeds them and getting their programs tossed.

    So that leaves the Internet – the only place you’ll see any opposition to the madness.


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  10. I had an experience in the summer of 1994 where a spirit who I thought was the Holy Ghost “led” me to surrender to him. I a phony repentance and surrender I surrendered to what I thought was the Holy Ghost only to hear a voice say to me the next day YOUR SURRENDERED TO THE WRONG SPIRIT. At first I thought it was the devil lying to me then I wondered if the voice I heard was God. Then six months later my life came completely unglued. I was under the judgement of God and had lost my mind, as I had a complete mental breakdown, became an alcoholic, I became addicted to Valium and lived a life worse than most unbelievers. That lasted seven years. God miraculously restored me and when I asked God what had happened to me he whispered Nebuchanezzar! I was so mentally broken that I knew if I went to a psychiatrist he would have locked me up as being incurabably mentally ill. Of course you should understand that “mental illness” is really nothing more than demon possession and everything rooted in spiritual death. I knew I was dead. I had a visit with hell as well that led to my mental breakdown, and the alcohol and valium was a way of coping with the nightmare my life had become. This Todd Bentley thing is not something anyone for any reason should play with, they are asking for a lot of spiritual trouble, demon possession being one of the problems they are at risk for. Todd Bentley is a false prophet, a liar, a false teacher, a heretic, a loose cannon in the Body of Christ. He should be avoided like the spiritual plague he is teaching!!!! Stay as far away from this man as you can get. If you doubt my story you can email me and everyone who knows me will tell you that my life is a miracle. Today I am a student pilot and an apprentice carpenter- I no longer drink, I am not addicted to valium anymore, I have gone back to school and accomplished many things with the new mind that God has restored to me.


  11. Thanks for writing this artickle first i was so happy about the outpouring but after research and praying i know now it is NOT from God and i asked the Lord and the people to forgive me that i mislead them we have also a website in Holland.
    But prauy for holland because they planning the same meetings as in lake land.
    And I see the you tube movie on your site about the operation and i cry it out !
    Why God i was so stupid!!
    Its looks like a horror movie and thousands people are follow him!!
    We must pray pray pray and stay close to God
    God bless you


  12. Sjaco, I will keep your situation in my prayers. I do understand how this heretical move can affect people. There is a Church that I know of that is promoting this kind of lunacy. I have family members who attend this Church!

    I have even gone so far as to email the Baptist Union about my concerns, I am awaiting their reply.

    Thanks for commenting, and keep testing every spirit against the Word of God…



  13. My husband told me not to watch Todd Bentley,but I felt compelled to do so anyways.I watched him,on and off,for about 2 weeks.It was fascinating,in a weird sort of way.I beagan to have tormenting thoughts and a sense of depression.I beagan to think that I was worthless,and that my life had meant nothing.It felt as if someone had dropped a black veil down over me,I would have a hard time not bursting into tears out in public.Finally,I asked my husband if he thought this could be some kind of spiritual oppression,brought on by watching this show,What was really strange,was that my husband told me he had been having the exact,same tormenting thoughts,at the same time that I was.I had not shared my thoughts with him,prior to this.Then my daughter,25,said that she also had been having these same thought..”Your life has meant nothing,you are worthless.”When we realized the source of these strange experiences,the torment lifted off of us.I am a very curious person,and thought it would be alright to watch Todd Bentley as a skeptical observer.I was wrong,it affected me,and my family(even though they did not watch it)Please beware of this,my friends,it is dangerous.The Holy Spirit doesnt leave a Christian in torment and confusion. Alease D.


  14. I believe that we as Christians should pray for Todd. If we truly believe that he is a false prophet, then he himself has been deceived. So, let’s be careful not to judge. We should also pray for protection, wisdom and discernment for the Body of Christ.



  15. So, let’s be careful not to judge

    1Co 5:12 For what have I to do with judging outsiders? Is it not those inside the church whom you are to judge?
    1Co 5:13 God judges those outside. “Purge the evil person from among you.”


  16. I have read just about enough about Todd Bentley and his ministry. There is so much out here that those that stand up for Todd are either hiding under a rock or are just deluded.

    I have been following his actions for about 5 ears now since I came to abbotsford (and thankfully moving back to Ontario in a few weeks) and as someone that practiced hypnosis in the past saw what the whole side show was about.

    These people are being put into this state that whatever Todd says is ok with them on any given night. It is a combination of the Benny Hinn/Vince McMahon school of theology.

    I thank you for this courageous article and have added you as a favourite. Keep up the good work

    Jim Wright


  17. Jim, I totally understand where you are coming from… I get tired of hearing about Bentley and his latest and often bizarre claims.

    I found a youtube with him saying that he had just received news that someone was raised from the dead because they had his TV broadcast played during the wake. Then, Bentley goes on to say… that he hasn’t verified this yet, but he just wanted to share the miracles as he gets wind of them!

    Does that make any sense…. NO!!! You cannot share a miracle until it has been verified, anyone could be emailing him and saying anything they wanted to, and Bentley would publicly call it a miracle before verification.

    The guy who was raised from the dead apparently sat up in his coffin praising God AND praising Rev Todd Bentley! WHAT!?!

    Interesting to see that you use to practice hypnosis and spotted the manipulation being used at these meetings straight away. To me, it’s like a controlled [somewhat controlled] mass hysteria. It is soooo obvious to me that the music is used to alter ones state into one that is highly emotional and I am pretty sure that I read that once high emotion is attained then sense of reason is hampered and then you can become pliable to any direction and outside suggestion.

    I am also thinking that this is not too dissimilar to how you can brain wash someone by setting them on this highly emotionally charged state [how you do that can be either euphoric or tortuous] which disconnects the conscious logical mind from the sub-conscious mind, once you have done that you can manipulate and brain wash people.

    This flies in the face of scripture where it says…

    Isa 1:18 “Come now, let us reason together, says the LORD…



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