The Higher Symbol and Human Evolutionary Consciousness

This is a RED FLAG post!


Are you aware that there is a symbol being used to represent higher human evolution? I reckon we will start to see this particular symbol — however subtle — being used everywhere. highersymbol.jpgThe symbol is of a triangle with a circle within it, or on top of it.

This symbol also reminded me of the pyramid with the all Seeing Eye on the American dollar bill, and also of the pyramid of Gaza which does not have its capstone; it is missing the top… strange me thinks!

This symbol can found on James Twyman’s site “Beloved World“, if you remember he is the “Moses Code” guy, and he also has an album called “Order of the Beloved Disciple” found here at Amazon. You can see the picture of some strange looking Mary, almost alien like if you look closely enough, and behind her is the symbol made out or rays of light and clouds etc… can you see it?

Twyman is also right into the “Indigo/Crystal kids and has co-directed a film with Neale Donald Walsch called “Indigo“. (See my previous posts on this subject here, here, here and here)

James Twyman has written a book (a narrative) called “The Secret of the Beloved Disciple” and here you can find the pre-edition of the first chapter. A close look at this chapter shows me that he is speaking about the Catholic Mary as being something like an “Emissary of Light”. The so called beloved disciple is disciple John, and the secret is the relationship between John and Mary after the crucifix. I will quote what Mary/Maria says in this book…

“Listen very close because what I am about to tell you is very important. I have not come for you alone, but for all the world. This is the dawn of the world of compassion and peace. I am the Queen of Peace because I fully embody these qualities, and I can assist your entry into this experience. You could say that I am the Feminine Principle. These qualities are traditionally feminine qualities, and it is into this energy that humanity must now enter. I can help in special ways, but only if you set aside the need to find peace through conflict. Compassion, understanding and tolerance are the paths that lead to me. This is the Door that humanity stands in front of.”

“But what about those who are not Catholic. . .or Christian?” I asked. “Do people need to accept you in this particular role, or any particular religion?”

“I am not reserved for one particular group or religion,” she said. “I am for the whole world, though many will find their own way of relating to me. The form is not important, but the energy is. It is the energy I bring that is important, and anyone can access it. If humanity is able to make this shift into the feminine energy, then peace will begin to sweep over the whole planet. But if you cling to power and domination, then you will miss this incredible opportunity, and you will continue to live in conflict.”

[…]”The reason I am with you like this is because my whole teaching is contained in this form. Find God in the ordinary. Seek the Divine in each other, and within yourself. That’s how the transformation begins. That’s how you’ll remember who you are—the Sacred Self that God perceives.

There’s still so much you need to learn, especially about the one who is coming…the bearer of light.”

“I thought you were the one I was waiting for,” I said to her. “Aren’t you ‘the next teacher’ the Emissaries spoke of?”

“The next teacher is already with you, and you will know what to do when that time comes. I am here to prepare you. I am here to remind you of your promise, and to hold your hand. Don’t worry, it will all make sense very soon.”

Then Mary says that the actual Emissaries are from the “Order of the Beloved Disciple”. Just as a reminder, this book is a narrative, but it does have an abundance of New Age themes that are preparing the world for a Christ Consciousness that many are now speaking about and expecting to happen as we evolve.

The character in the book asks Mary about Jesus and John (the beloved disciple)…

“Are you saying that they’ve been on earth for the last two-thousands years? But how is that possible?”

“You believe that this realm is limited to the physical world you perceive,” she said. “There are many other levels of reality you have yet to perceive, and they are just as real as this one. It is from these deeper levels that the essential work has taken place. It was to this realm that Jesus ascended after his resurrection, and it is there that he has remained, along with John and many others, waiting for the time of the great shift. You can consider them a group of overseers, kind of a board of directors.

“The Emissaries were the physical counterpart of this unique group made up of beings who have achieved mastery on this level of existence, from every religion and spiritual path. There are other levels beyond that place, what you might call the angelic realms. The Emissaries were like an anchor point that served as a physical link between all these etheric planes and the physical world.”

“We’ve always been taught that Jesus ascended into Heaven,” I said to her, “and I would expect St. John to be there as well. It sounds like you’re saying that they’re somewhere in-between, and that they will someday leave that realm and return to earth.”

The masters do not return from these levels physically, unless it’s in a form like the one you’re perceiving right now. I have assumed this body in order to teach you a particular lesson. When the lesson is over the body is gone.

“What returns to the world is what you might call an ‘energetic signature.’ For example, ‘The Christ’ is an experience, not a person. Please understand this because it is of vital importance—Jesus was certainly the Christ, but the Christ is not limited to your idea of who Jesus was. Jesus assumed that frame of reference, or that energetic signature, and therefore became the savior of his age. The teacher you are waiting for, what you call ‘the next teacher’, will assume the same frame of reference as Jesus. It will be the same, and yet it will be different. It will be Jesus, but it will be more.”

Now according to this book — and other New Age teachers — this is how we are to expect Christ’s second coming…

I’m not sure if I understand,” I said. “What about the Second Coming? Does Jesus ever come back to earth, or is it his soul that returns?”

“It is both, and it is neither,” she said. “I’m sorry that it doesn’t makes logical sense, but there’s no way to understand it logically. Jesus, beyond his body and personality, has always been present on the etheric levels waiting to return to earth. This is the predestined time of awakening, the moment when ‘The Christ’ returns to initiate the New World.

Interestingly Oprah is doing a 365 day course in miracles, and in the book “A Course in Miracles” it speaks about the second coming of Christ which is to be understood as something very different to the traditional biblical account according to a study tool of glossary terms provided by Kenneth Wapnick, Ph.D. (The link above is one that you can do a word search in the third addition of the book). The glossary states the following about the Second Coming…

Second Coming

the healing of the mind of the Sonship; the collective return to awareness of our reality as the one Son of God, which we had at our creation, the First Coming; precedes the Last Judgment, after which this world of illusion ends.

For a complete glossary on the book “A Course in Miracles” which uses Christian terms throughout its pages but in all reality have completely different meanings to the biblical definitions see, GLOSSARY TERMS (adapted from the Glossary-Index for A Course in Miracles, Fourth Edition) Kenneth Wapnick, Ph.D.

I will just give a few more examples…

Holy Spirit

the Third Person of the Trinity Who is metaphorically described in the Course as God’s Answer to the separation; the Communication Link between God and His separated Sons, bridging the gap between the Mind of Christ and our split mind; the memory of God and His Son we took with us into our dream; the One Who sees our illusions (perception), leading us through them to the truth (knowledge); the Voice for God Who speaks for Him and for our real Self, reminding us of the Identity we forgot; also referred to as Bridge, Comforter, Guide, Mediator, Teacher, and Translator.


symbol of the substitution of the ego for our true Self or God; a false belief that there can be something other than, or more than God, and thus separate from Him, a belief which is then projected onto the special relationship: people, things, or ideas; the anti-Christ.


the source of the Course, its first person or ” I” ; the one who first completed his part in the Atonement, enabling him to be in charge of the whole plan; transcending his ego, Jesus has become identified with Christ and can now serve as our model for learning and an ever-present help when we call upon him in our desire to forgive. (Note — not to be exclusively identified with Christ, the Second Person of the Trinity.)


knowledge: strictly speaking God does not judge, since what He creates is perfect and at one with Him; the Course’s references to God’s Judgment reflect His recognition of His Son as His Son, forever loved and one with Him.


w-m: condemnation, whereby people are separated into those to be hated and those to be ” loved,” a judgment always based upon the past.

r-m: vision, whereby people are seen either as expressing love or calling for it, a judgment inspired by the Holy Spirit and always based upon the present.

Last (Final) Judgment

knowledge: contrasted with the traditional Christian view of judgment and punishment to reflect God’s loving relationship with all His Sons: His Final Judgment.

true perception: contrasted with the traditional Christian view of judgment and punishment and equated with the end of the Atonement when, following the Second Coming, the final distinction is made between truth and illusion, all guilt is undone, and awareness is restored to us as Christ — the Son of the living God.

last step

this step, belonging to God, occurs when the Atonement is complete and all ego interferences have been removed; when nothing remains to separate us from God, He takes the last step, raising us unto Himself; strictly speaking God does not take steps, and the term actually refers to our experience of returning to our Source Which we never truly left.


a symbol of the ego’s attack on God and therefore on His Son, witnessing to the ” reality” of suffering, sacrifice, victimization, and death which the world seems to manifest; also refers to the killing of Jesus, an extreme example that taught that our true Identity of love can never be destroyed, for death has no power over life.

Son of God

knowledge: the Second Person of the Trinity; the Christ Who is our true Self.

perception: our identity as separated Sons, or the Son of God as ego with a wrong and right mind; the biblical phrase “son of man” is used rarely to denote the Son as separated.


the unity of Its Levels is not understandable in this world; consists of 1) God, the Father and Creator, 2) His Son, Christ, our true Self, Which includes our creations, and 3) the Holy Spirit, the Voice for God.

Word of God

God’s ” answer” to the separation; used variously for different aspects of this answer: e.g., forgiveness, peace, Atonement, and the Holy Spirit. (Note — does not refer to Jesus or Christ, as it does in the Bible.)

I know this is a long post, but it is one that points to how there is a redefining of Christian terminology. With the help of Oprah, James Twyman, Neale Donald Walsch and Marriane Williamson et al there is a subtle preparation underway for a new Christ, one that is about to manifest — a Christ Consciousness. A course in Miracles is a book that was originally dictated to channeller Helen Schucman in 1977 by her spirit guide who claimed to be Jesus. And by the sounds of it, this second coming of christ will be the many that the bible speaks about.

Mat 24:5 For many will come in my name, saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and they will lead many astray.

By the way, I hope to post something at a later date about what Neale Donald Walsch and others say on something called… “Separation theory/theology”. As you have probably noted by reading the glossary that in New Age thought there is a lot of negative views on dualistic – separation theology which is seen as an antiquated Christian philosophy… these include heaven/hell, God/man, evil/good etc.

More later!


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      12 thoughts on “The Higher Symbol and Human Evolutionary Consciousness

      1. Oh my…this is very disturbing. I told my husband yesterday that I think Oprah is being led by an anti-christ spirit…and Christians are following her.


      2. cbgrace… I will most definately be linking to your recent post called “Church of Oprah” that youtube that you have on your site is a real eye-opener.

        Now is the time to contend for the faith, even in the face of such great names such as Oprah!

        May you keep your eyes on Jesus and trust in His Word!



      3. Just to give a different spin (’cause I’m not into all the Christian stuff):
        I find the idea of a ‘symbol’ for human higher evolution pretty laughable.
        Going by ordinary evolutionary theory (I know, you don’t believe it!), the combination of human promiscuity an the ease of modern travel have pretty much guaranteed an end to human evolution!


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      5. Very good information. I will link to this with a post of my own soon if you don’t mind.


      6. Hiya Michael!!! How are you???… it’s Passover for you soon isn’t it?
        Nice to see you that you are back posting on your blog by the way 🙂


        Thanks for stopping by, I see from your blog that you have read Eckhart Tolle’s new book “A New Earth” which Oprah highly endorses.

        For anyone who is interested… HERE is where you can find all of prolepticlife’s posts on the subject.



      7. it’s Passover for you soon isn’t it?

        Yup. In about 2 weeks. And we haven’t started cleaning yet. Oy!

        Yeah, it’s nice to able to post again, but I don’t think I’ll be as prolific as I used to be. Too much important stuff to do.

        See ya round!


      8. Thanks for posting this Vee. It’s hard to keep…I’m just strugglin’ to keep up with the minute, as the “Oldest Living Confederate’s Widow” would say. 😉 I do feel sometimes as if I am living out of time, apart from time with what has changed so much in the current consciousness of the world estranged from God. I just got through posting to a man on what I thought was a Christian forum only to realize that the people identifying themselves as Christians were more supportive of the “Co-exist” bumper sticker than they were of Christ. More and more I see this tendency to want to compromise to “‘be loving’ for after all, that is all Jesus was, right?” I look in astonishment at these ones and I ask myself: what god are you worshipping? He is that… but so much more! Must you put Him in a box of your own making?” And I sense an uneasy fear and self-justification beneath this compromise to water down the truth. What are you doing for? To live a “calm quiet life” purchased at a dark peace or a manipulated one that betrays the fullness of the one true God? I weep a lot at home over it. I don’t like being excluded. Nobody does. I don’t like being the the one that waits and waits but then has to speak up gently only to have that gentleness misconstrued. I sense these same ones if they don’t get “snatched out of the fire” will wind up on the other side of betrayal and will not be able to cross the divide again. At any rate, I prayed and wrote a final entry and was indirectly threatened with death: an inference that if I was in an Islamic country: “A few radical Islamists would dice you into tiny little pieces for uttering those words, then behead your husband for allowing you to speak publicly to a man.” Here is what I wrote that illicited that response: “Being a Christian is not a belief system: Its an acceptance of the truth. Truth is not proven, it is revealed. And it is revealed by light. If it has not been revealed to you to your satisfaction it is because your heart is not ready to receive it. The Hebrews understood truth by light. The Greeks understood it by knowledge. The Romans perceived truth through glory. History has proven one thing about civilizations no matter their location nor their timing upon the stage: they tend to run from the light when it is revealed to them, fall in love with their own flashlight upon knowledge, and glorify themselves in the process. We all have the tendency to do this. It is only humility that acknowledges that we don’t know everything. When that happens, no matter the educational background or the economic position, that individual is then able and most importantly willing to accept that only God is the possessor of truth. And he or she will bend the knee and humbly ask for it, be willing to be persecuted for it, but most importantly be obedient in the face of accusations, both false and half-true, to stand firm and tell it. The truth, Mr. Shoemaker, is not a cauldron of contradictions, it is a union of contrasts revealed through the light and person of Jesus. You may not like it. I didn’t like it at first, but I now know it more clearly than when I started to understand. It may offend you. I was offended by many, many things about God’s word. But that did not make them untrue. That I can not help. It simply is. The sun will rise tomorrow and Jesus will come again. And that, I and other Christians will continue to tell even though it costs us dearly because it is the only hope humanity has. I will continue to pray that God will reveal it to you as well. You may find that what you try to see with a telescope today, was better seen with a microscope and vice-versa. Keep seeking, Mr. Shoemaker and you will find the truth.

        God bless you,


      9. Melly, this is an important comment, and I feel so bad that I have been too busy to really reflect on it as much as I need to.

        Just know that I will read it more thoroughly, and pray for you and your safety. Please Melly, you must content for the Truth! No compromise!

        May God bless you too..




      10. I thank God very much for you and for your prayers, Vee. They are very much needed and appreciated. I have not heard back from this particular forum. No one has responded openly to him. I think his response must have shocked everyone. The viciousness of the mental imagery is beyond what I have ever encountered before. Certainly no one today knows whether to take these things seriously or not. I’ll be frank, it did frighten me. I had a nightmare of being shot on my property soon thereafter. But that has passed. I spoke with a friend/mentor from church who advised that I write to the moderator. I want to but have been hesitant to do so. God bless. Melly


      11. Hey Melly, what a shock to receive such a cowardly threat, but rejoice that you have been counted worthy to suffer for His name. I am praying for you and yours and hope that you are not in any way intimidated from being a faithful witness, Dia guit, Vince.


      12. Hi Vince,

        I thank God for your very kind and strengthening encouragement. Your prayers are very much appreciated! No, while I have felt under some degree of spiritual attack, I have not stopped contending for the faith. I have come up against some strongholds of recent (and this recent threat above) and I can only say that God must be working very mightily in the spiritual realms for these attacks to have come on. It’s usually the last thing I think to cross one’s mind that we are now counted worthy (because we know what we are) so to have another say so is such an awesome and quiet moment to think that the Lord might be pleased. All I know is that I think things are getting very close to more open hostility and persecution here but at the same time some wonderful things are close too. I think the church is near to pulling closer to reconciliation as a result. And I am really looking forward to that day of seeing the Bride getting more beautified for the Bridegroom’s return. Keep praying for any strongholds to be demolished and captives freed. Be aware of any “foolish virgins”. Keep your lamps full. Pray incessantly as Paul advised. You and Vee are right in that we and our families must be as strong in the Lord as possible and ready for whatever is ahead. Be settled in your hearts as to how you will stand. Dia guit.

        God bless you,


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