A Creationist’s rebuttal – A web booklet free to pass around!

Rapid response to counter latest evo-establishment attacks

The powerful and influential US National Academy of Sciences (NAS) is determined to attack creation. Their last book, distributed free to over 100,000 teachers, was thoroughly refuted by CMI’s Dr Jonathan Sarfati. That refutation became the biggest-selling creation book of all time, Refuting Evolution.

Now NAS has put out another effort, supposedly with the ‘latest and greatest’ evolutionary arguments.

However, scientist and logician Jonathan Sarfati has now, in a major (booklet-length) web publication, demolished the NAS’s latest claims with ease.

Spread the news-there’s no cost

By sharing this email (with its link to Sarfati’s web booklet, below) with as many folk as you can, and asking them to do the same, this powerful information can arm and equip many believers. And we pray that many eyes will be opened to seeing the logical and scientific fallacies of the ‘goo to you’ philosophy.

See our web response called Science, Creation and Evolutionism that refutes the NAS publication. A PDF booklet for you to forward is available here.

Use it widely-pass it on-print it out.

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  1. Vee,

    First time I’ve heard of the term ‘goo to you’ ! I like ti though 🙂

    Thanks for the information and links!


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