Mike Macon on Creation!

Hey… that title rhymes!

Anyway, I was just cruising my faves and I always check out ‘Mike’s blog’ pretty much on a daily basis. Today he linked to a website that he updates and from that site I found his sermons…. Hahahaa… I am so happy to hear his voice. He sounds completely different to what I expected.

So, today I am listening to Mike Macon speak on Creation… if you are interested you can listen to many of his sermons that are listed here. He has done Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, John, Hebrews, James, 1 Peter and 2 Peter, 1 John, 2 John and 3 John, Jude and Revelation.

One thing that puzzles me though, he says that a dog never wonders about his place in the universe. A dog never looks up to the stars and asks about God…

I say that the dog just needs to go and ask the cat. The cat would say, hey… look no further, I am your god! 😉



4 thoughts on “Mike Macon on Creation!

  1. Oh yeah! I didn’t know Mike Macon was Calvary Chapel!. Wow, I’m listening to Exodus 17…I could have used this today. Just finished this chapter in Bible study tonight and it was about Amalek, Moses, and his staff (Jehovah Nissi).

    Thanks Vee, I will keep these handy for reference.


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