Where does the Baptist Union stand on William Branham? That’s what I want to know!!!

My Email to the Baptist Union:

To whom it may concern,

I am just trying to find out if the Baptist Union believes in the Triune Godhead or does it now hold to a heretical view of Oneness/Modalism?

If yes, it puzzles me as to why ******** **** Baptist Centre Inc. has speakers that have publicly endorsed so called anointed prophets who deny the concept of the Trinity. One such couple that has been invited guests to this rather unusual Baptist Church is Rolland and Heidi Baker.

It has been well documented that Rolland Baker has said that William Branham is the most anointed man since Christ. However William Branham was most un-orthodox in his theology and one that I thought the Baptist Union would be wary of to say the very least.

For example what follows will show that he held to the Oneness/Jesus Only theology; he believed and taught Modalism which as far as I understood to be an heretical view according to most Baptists.

“Now my precious brothers – I know this is a tape also. Now don’t get excited. Let me say this with Godly love. The hours approached where I can’t hold still on these things no more… Trinitarianism is of the devil. I tell you that – Thus saith the Lord.”
(William Branham, Footprints on the Sands of Time: The autobiography of William Marrion Branham, Part Two
(Jeffersonville, IN: Spoken Word Publications, 1975), 606-7.)

“Why don’t you examine your baptism of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, and that false ‘trinity’ it’s so-called…”
(William Braham, “Revelation Chapter Four #3 (Throne of Mercy and Judgment)” (Voice of God Recordings, Inc., 1961, audio tape #61-0108, side 2).

William Branham insisted that “believers baptized by a Trinitarian formula must be rebaptized in the name of Jesus only.”
(Burgess and McGee, Pentecostal and Charismatic Movements, 95-96)

Regarding original sin Branham wrongly and publicly stated…

“Here is what actually happened in the Garden of Eden. The Word says that Eve was beguiled by the serpent. She was actually seduced by the serpent. He was as close to being a human that his seed could, and did mingle with that of the woman and cause her to conceive”
(William Branham, The Original Sin, pp. 2, 3)

Much more could be said about this self proclaimed prophet.

Having Rolland and Heidi Baker preach in a Baptist Church is disturbing. They are part of the Extreme Prophetic Movement which is questionable to say the least. They are involved with things that are scripturally unsound with practices such as Soaking Prayers which sounds very much like the monastic contemplative Lectio Divina that the Desert Fathers did. This is a form of Eastern Mysticism and meditation that is not found anywhere in the scriptures. May I suggest that you do some research and ask yourself how this so called new move of God is affecting the Truth of the Word of God by using subjective spiritual experiences as a foundation, and how eventually the Word of God is thought of as being something that can be de -constructed out of all objectivity because of Post-modern dialogue that inevitably follows such experiential philosophy. Soaking Prayers are NOT Biblical and are a form of Mysticism that will lead the Church into the last days Apostate church… we are well on the way if we find such practices within what used to be Biblically sound Churches.

What will we see next in these churches… ancient/vintage worship similar to the emergent church, labyrinths, Iconic worship like Catholic Churches who pray to Mary and other saints and think that the Eucharist is the actual body of Christ and encourage their members to Adore the Eucharist because the priest has changed the bread into the actual flesh of Christ by his invoking. I hope that you will look at this Church at ******** **** and question if the shepherd is leading the sheep astray.

I was not aware that Branhamism was so prevalent within Baptist circles…

Are you aware of these invited guests being constantly asked back even after people from that Church have expressed their concern and have been told not to question the Holy Spirit’s move by the Pastor of this Church?

Heidi Baker is part of the Global School of Supernatural Ministry

Recently ******** **** Baptist Centre Inc have had a man by the name of Rev. Darrel E. Stott, who believes that he has the Branham anointing because an Angel told him so. He has orbs of light that surround him and he calls these orbs angels. And he is the carrier of God’s Glory apparently. He says that Super Natural Glory Dust falls and rather puzzlingly he quotes Ez 1 to back this up… Poor exegetical hermeneutics to say the least. Am I to believe that these appearances of Glory Dust are Angels sent from God?

This Church has also had Rick and Rozi Penny who have an unorthodox approach for children….

Rick and Rozi Penny
are associated with Streams Ministries International since 1997 and are certified teachers for the ‘Streams Institute for Spiritual Development ‘(ISD).

They both operate under a “revivalist” anointing in ministry to the Body of Christ. Rick’s gift of exhortation and faith coupled with Rozi’s revelatory unction serve to ignite and encourage the hearts of believers. The Lord uses them to “stir up the gifts” in others and gives them insight into strongholds and roadblocks that hinder local bodies.

Their ministry gifts were birthed at World Harvest Bible College under Pastor Rod Parsley. During their association with Streams Ministries, God has built on these Pentecostal roots an understanding of dreams, visions, and the simple lifestyle of being “naturally supernatural.” This combination has given them a unique anointing for teaching and ministry.

A second angel of white light appears behind me and is traveling with us. I ask him, “Where are we going?” He says that we are going to translate as soon as we find our gate (portal).

I am witnessing a heavenly atmosphere that is growing thicker. Somehow, I know this atmosphere will soon will be released upon the Earth. During worship services, some people will be taken up to Heaven, joining in the worship of Heaven. In a similar way, the worship of Heaven will join with us in our worship on earth.

Soon, I am told that some people who serve God on the Earth will often translate into Heaven and interact with the angels and heavenly beings. Angels and heavenly beings will also return with them to work together on Earth. This will fulfill God’s will on Earth, as it is in Heaven, and like it has never been seen in human history. @Streams Ministries

They encourage Children into the Night Season and to document their visitations with angels…

In our dreams, or as I like to say “the Night Season”, is a very important way that God communicates to us. It is a language of the spirit that the church has lost that we need rediscover and help our children to learn.

Are You Training Your Children?

Here are some simple ways to build value in your child’s dream life, and glean some meaning:

1. Write down their dreams – create a dream journal
2.Have them draw pictures of their dreams
3.Have them act out their dreams (this can be really hilarious for the whole family)
4.Try to interpret their dreams, keep it simple
5.Review their dreams every 6 months

@Streams Ministries

This kind of teaching is the very thing I did when I was involved with the occult. I practised all of these things and I was saved out of it. Now this kind of subjective experience is encouraging our children in the ways of the occult!

Much more can be said,,, but I fear that if this Church does not stop its unorthodox approach in allowing experience to interpret the bible as opposed to Sola-Scripture then this Church is on its way to becoming a Spiritualist Church, full of Gnosticism and mystic subjective experience.




9 thoughts on “Where does the Baptist Union stand on William Branham? That’s what I want to know!!!

  1. Well I sent this email to the Baptist Union on the 29th of October and still I hear nothing!!!

    I have also seen that the Baptist Union now has an Emergent Pastor. That really doesn’t surprise me at all. My heart aches.


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  3. When I left the Baptist church in the late 1950’s to go to a Pentecostal church I was told that all that stuff was of the devil. Now there are charismatic Baptist churches. I think you are limiting God by “exegetical hermeneutics”. If you ignore all the poisonous rubbsh written about William Branham and genuinely invetigate his ministry by first-hand sources, you will be amazed. Start with Wikipedia which isn’t exactly first hand, but not bad.



  4. The rubbish that Burgess and McGee, Pentecostal and Charismatic Movements, 95-96 printed about William Branham are based on lies and none facts.

    We have all of william Branhams sermons readily searchable that you may download from our website for free, and you will never find him stating that 1977 will be the end of the world or that it will be the year of all denominations coming under Catholicism. All he spoke of 1977 is that it would be the year that the events that will eventually bring on the millenium will begin. He called it an ushering in period which will take some time for the events to finalize.

    He does teach that the Trinity dogma is Catholic dogma and not scriptural but he does not teach Jesus only or modalism as stated by Burgess and McGee, Pentecostal and Charismatic Movements, 95-96.

    What He did teach concerning the Godhead is that there is one God and He had a Son and indwelt that son at the River Jordan to manifest Himself to the world, and left that son in Gethsame to die for our sins.

    Get it right or be guilty of spreading lies that you will be judged for at the great white throne.



  5. so everything written aoubt him is false? That many eye witness accounts of loved ones who were told they would be healed and then died were all false?

    That he had an angel standing next to him on stage demanding that obey his direction were false?
    The associations of hs parents in the occult were all false?
    As someone said recently on another blog, contending for the faith is not contending for another’s faith, character, and doctrinal belief’s. I will notbe judged at the The Great White thrown for the faith, character, and doctrinal beliefs of William Branham.
    Please Brian, you are way off and supporting a man with aberrent beliefs and not Jesus Christ.


  6. According to Branham the doctrine of the trinity is of the devil.

    Branham says God says that through him…THUS SAITH THE LORD!!!

    He said that people who believed in the triune God worship three God’s!

    Now, my precious brother, I know this is a tape also. Now, don’t get excited. Let me say this with godly love. The hour has approached where I can’t hold still on these things no more: too close to the coming. See? “Trinitarianism is of the Devil.” I say that THUS SAITH THE LORD. Look where it come from. It come from the Nicene Council when the Catholic church become in rulership. The word “trinity” is not even mentioned in the entire Book of the Bible. And as far as three Gods, that’s from hell. There’s one God. That’s exactly right.

    He taught that the evolutionary bridge between chimpanzee and man was the serpent who bedded Eve to produce Cain…

    Now, watch the serpent, this serpent which was first. Let’s draw a picture of him now. He’s a great big fellow. He’s between the chimpanzee and the man. And the serpent, the devil, Lucifer, knew that that was the only blood that would mix with this human blood.

    What did he do? He begin making love to Eve. And he lived with her as a husband. And she saw it was pleasant, so she went and told her husband; but she was already pregnant by Satan. And she brought forth her first son whose name was Cain, the son of Satan.

    Now, there’s your seed of the serpent.


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  8. Where in the Bible you ever see someone being baptized in the name of the trinity??
    Read Acts 2:38

    I was baptized in the name of the trinity though. But i am a christian and i know that i love the Lord with all my heart.


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