The Political Christian – Thumbs up for the donkey!

This is a red flag post…

Recently we have just had our federal election here in Australia. The country is now governed by a Labour Government, the leader being Kevin Rudd.

I have just come across something that may interest some of you who are curious about Christianity and Politics. Is it a dangerous mix and one that should be avoided because of compromise? I have blogged about this before both Here and Here.
I will quote again… just for those who are not aware of the official AoG position regarding Christianity and Politics. Just to note, I agree totally with this position…

Historically, when the church has become involved in partisan politics, the outcome has been disastrous for both the kingdom of God and the system of government it promoted or attacked. The essence of the church is not earthly and temporal, but spiritual and eternal (John 18:36). The priority of the church is to preach Christ exclusively (1 Corinthians 2:2). The mission of the church is to proclaim the gospel (Matthew 28:19). [p]olitical affiliation, by its very nature, divides people into competing groups. There is no room for such division in the church. Therefore the church must never promote any party or system that would be divisive to the body of Christ, but rather contend for the faith that unites every tribe and tongue and people and nation into one glorious Church.

Why then does the AoG do the exact opposite and as well as their pastors?

What do you think of false prophesies that have been uttered by certain Christian leaders to certain Political leaders? Personally, I think that they come from the imaginations of man! Perhaps they are wishful thinking? Or perhaps there is something more than meets the eye? Kingdom building, Dominionism and the social agenda!

THE leader of a Christian group that advocates the destruction of mosques, casinos and bottle shops has met Peter Costello to “prophetically prepare” the Treasurer for the prime ministership.

Mr Costello and John Howard held private meetings with Catch the Fire leader Danny Nalliah in August, the same month the Prime Minister met with the leaders of the Exclusive Brethren, which prohibits voting and modern technology.

Mr Nalliah said in a letter to Christians that the Lord had told him to spend “personal time” with Mr Howard and to prepare Mr Costello as the “future prime minister”.

His prophecy…

The Lord told me to spend some personal time with Prime Minister John Howard and to prophetically prepare Federal Treasurer Peter Costello as the future prime minister of Australia. … I will boldly declare that Prime Minister John Howard will be re-elected in the November election (if the Body of Christ unites in prayer and action) and pass the leadership onto Peter Costello sometime after.

Uh oh…the prophecy was wrong!

Mr Nalliah from the AoG ‘Catch the Fire‘ ministry uttered this prophecy and he got it very, very wrong, hmmmm.

It saddens me to think that as a Christian conservative and also centrist, (I am one argument away from being an extemist!) I am finding it increasingly hard to vote for anyone these days. As my hubby said on voting day, he is rather shocked that the donkey has not been elected yet! I prefer to vote on what I consider to be a moral vote and try and find the party that best supports the ideal family unit and who believes that all life including unborn babies is sacred. The family unit in God’s economy constitutes the Father, Mother and child. My reasons for this are not personal at all, but only biblical. You can find the triune image of God in the traditional family unit, but that is another post all together.

But as we are entering into a new social agenda that the evangelical church has taken up — some calling it the ‘The New Reformation‘ — that agenda has more to do with politics than spreading the truth of the gospel. Please, please read ‘Jesus wasn’t a Social Worker‘ by Chris Elrod. Chris tells us who the real Jesus was, and what it was He stood for, it was not the social gospel at all.

Here’s the thing. If you mix Christianity and Politics you will lose the salvific gospel — the real atoning redemptive gospel that saves the soul — this gospel is the one thing that the Church was commanded to deliver to the four corners of the earth. Instead you have a watered down political/social agenda to build the kingdom up here on earth that eventually does a disservice to the salvific work of the cross. Where do you place your treasures, here or in heaven. Is Jesus’ kingdom of this world or not?

Getting back to Danny Nalliah from Catch the Fire ministries. He was prophesied over by none other than Frank Houston, father of Brian Houston from Hillsong. What people may not know is that Frank Houston was a sex offender of the worst kind.

Oh, what a to do with a moral vote??? Really there is much more I could say on the matter.

And just when you think that you have heard it all..

PRIME Minister John Howard has condemned the League of Rights as “a bit anti-Semitic”, but refused to cut ties with an evangelical pastor who has accepted a platform from the far right-wing group.

Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd also sidestepped the issue of government access for the pastor, warning only that people should be “very, very wary” of dealings with the “grossly anti-Semitic organisation”.

Danny Nalliah, head of Melbourne-based Catch the Fire Ministries, last night reaffirmed he would address the league again, despite criticism from Jewish leaders that his actions had conferred legitimacy on the group.

…The Australian League of Rights, founded by Eric Butler in 1960, insists the Holocaust — in which millions of Jewish people were murdered by the Nazi regime — did not happen.

In light of Pastor Nalliah’s reaffirmation last night, at least one Jewish leader urged political leaders to distance themselves from him.

The evangelical church leader has been granted high-level access to government. He told followers he had held one-on-one meetings with Treasurer Peter Costello on August 9 and Prime Minister Mr Howard the next day, after God told him to “prophetically prepare” Mr Costello as the future prime minister.

Last night, Catch the Fire issued a statement saying it would “not knowingly support or endorse any organisation which promotes such hatred (of others for their religious beliefs)”.@The AGE

Politics is a dirty game!

Oh, and just to mention one more thing. ‘Catch the Fire’ ministries also mentions on their blog that…

Kenneth Copeland prophesied that Howard would be re-elected


And in the very next breath they say … We Congratulate Kevin Rudd & the Labor Government on Winning the Election.

Are you kidding me… how about repent for your false prophecies concerning this election before you quote from the bible which says…

1Ti 2:1-2 First of all then, I exhort that petitions, prayers, supplications, and thanksgivings be made on behalf of all men, for kings and all the ones being in high position, that we may lead a tranquil and quiet existence in all godliness and dignity.

Seriously I cannot even begin to voice my dismay at all of these false prophesies coming from Catch the Fire Ministries … how about this post called ‘Another Prophetic Word Regarding the Federal Election’.

What happened, did God change His mind?

I rather think that the website Christian Witness Ministries (Philip Powell) has hit the nail on the head when he said…

We suggest that a man who honours a homosexual paedophile won’t hear anything from God. False prophets usually cover their tracks. There is the fall back explanation if the above does not come to pass—Christians did not pray or they did not pray hard enough.

…Whatever happens in the election we suggest that Christians be careful how close they get to Catch the Fire and Danny Nalliah, who has most recently big named himself claiming all sorts of miracles and that he even raised a man from the dead—hmm! @CWM blog

The CWM Blog has a lot of documented stuff on the AoG, Danny Nalliah and the Houston’s, I reckon this is worth blogrolling!

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Ps: I like what Jacob Prasch says about leaders, you may not like any of them, but you are to pray for all of them!

5 thoughts on “The Political Christian – Thumbs up for the donkey!

  1. Great post!

    I whole-heartedly agree…when attempting to ‘marry’ Christianity with anything, especially politics, there will always be a compromising on the part of our faith.


  2. For some stupid reason the number of comments is not registering properly.

    PJ someone – a Christian – once said to me that I should enter politics, and I just said to them that I would never consider it because of the reasons of the above.

    I wish I could take my name off of the electoral role as I see that with each passing election it is getting harder to decide between the parties here.

    The labour party gave their preference to the Greens (which are part of the Global Green Party) I think that although Rudd said he was a Christian Socialist and then later denied it, he is a conservative in his social values. But I reckon the pressure from the hard left will be something he will have to stand up to. Especially when it comes to things like abortion, euthanasia and the marital rights of homosexuals.

    As I try to make a moral choice that is biblically based these three things are paramount to conservative biblical understanding of the sanctity of human life and the sanctity of the marriage union which is a reflection of the triune image of God. I will not personalise these issues, but rather judge them through the Word of God.

    As far as all politics and so called Christian politics is concerned, I see that the devil is in the details!


  3. Please allow me to urge you to beware of the way you express some things. I refer to your statements about Danny Nalliah addressing the League of Rights. Your article implies that he agrees with their position but this may not be the case and your article should have said that. My passion and my Kingdom work is teaching creation and apologetic evidences and in that role, I too have addressed the League of Rights. There is no way that I endorse everything they believe, but many years ago I vowed that I would speak the truth to any person or group who would listen provided I did not have to compromise on biblical authority to do so. I have never been invited back, which is probably an indication of what I said that night. I say this, not to defend Danny, in fact, several things I have read about him in recent times have troubled me deeply, but to urge you not to imply wrong-doing where none may exist.
    Thank you for listening.
    PS. I do enjoy your blog.


  4. Ok.. I will reply, but I am going through some things in my head, you know…. trying to sort it all out! If that be at all possible.

    PS. I am glad that you enjoy my blog.


  5. Thanks Peter I really appreciate that you came by and commented.

    And I do see where you are coming from.

    Having said that and not to be rude or anything…but knowing that the League of Rights denies the holocaust and distributes propaganda such as ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ and is described to be anti-Semitic by the federal government’s Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission, would you still speak and use their platform if you were to be asked back?

    I think the problem I have with this situation is this… sharing a platform with an organisation that is considered to be anti-Semitic can give people a certain impression of where the speaker stands, surely this you would agree with, or at the very least put’s it into question. This is exactly what has happened with this post — I admit that. But this post was not so much to say outright that Danny agrees with the League of Nations, I have no idea if he does or not I would hope not, therein lays the problem.

    Because I have a great deal of respect for ‘Creation on the Web’ and those affiliated with this ministry, I in turn urge you to consider the impression given to world respected speakers such as yourself when you share any platform that you have been invited to speak at.

    Having read this comment back, I have seen a certain hypocrisy (recently I applauded Kay Arthur as she was about to share a platform with some very Gnostic/mystical emergent’s to speak the truth, I pray that she still does this and I pray that she not get seduced by the philosophies of man) and to be honest I am the most fallible person there is, and I am guessing you would say ditto to this – right? 😉 Some areas are most definitely black and white while others gray. This is where you are right in saying that you would share…”provided I did not have to compromise on biblical authority to do so.”
    Sometimes seeing both sides of an argument is very confusing! Apparently this is a good thing. I will just pray that you consider my thoughts, and perhaps help me with mine!
    One thing for sure that we both agree on… certain things that Pastor Danny has said of late and what is being prophesied is certainly of some concern!
    I say this in all sincerity and with all respect. And I hope that you consider my response in the tone it was given. I too thank you for listening.

    In Christ



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