Chris Elrod – You Rock!

I am so happy that I could die….

I just wanted to say to Chris (Hat tip – Mike put me onto Chris’ blog) that I am going to continue praying for you and I just want other people who read my blog to check out your latest post called ‘No Friend of Emergent‘. May God be with you as you continue to take a stand in the Truth of His Word.

There will be those that will criticize the steps we have taken. So be it. There will be those that will choose not to fellowship with us. We can accept that. There will also be those that will say that this blog post was not needed because Emergent has no official theological stance. That’s a crock! Those that speak for you…define you…and what you believe. Others will say that we’re being legalistic. It’s not legalistic to believe that “theology” contradictory to the Word of God is wrong. Finally, there will be those that say that we’re judging. No…it’s called discernment…and it’s Biblical. It’s what we’re suppose to do as the shepherds of the flock that God has entrusted us with.

I also pray that with this stand that you have taken that others who are still within the emergent fold, will be given the courage to examine it as you have done. I pray that they test this movement against scripture and find it to be left wanting. This all weighs heavily on my heart and I can only imagine how God’s heart is breaking over his bride. And I thank God for people like you and Mike, who are very approachable but very conservative theologically.

Mike has been a real blessing to me and he is another person who ROCKS!!!

Seriously Chris, thank you!

May God bless you as you continue to keep in His Word!!!

(The Great Divide continues! Pray for His Church!)


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