Friday Funny – Seriously Satirical Stuff!

Thanks to TeamPyro

The comments are just as funny!

Sola says…

No, no, no, Daryl. It’s supposed to be “your truth is your truth and my truth is my truth.” Never “it might be true for you but I don’t think it’s true for you.” Be careful here. You’re risking a rift in the time-space continuum by making statements like that. Think of all the religious relativists whose tenuous faith will careen off the beaten path by such a notion that someone’s truth might not be true at all.

Response by Daryl…

help me sola, help me. i’m trapped in a modernist mind-set, i’ll never get the post-modern thing right!! i feel so rotten…

maybe i’ll just hang on and see what the next fad is, maybe i can fit in there…

I’m outta here… the weekend beckons.

2 thoughts on “Friday Funny – Seriously Satirical Stuff!

  1. These are funny, but several of them are pretty pointed as well….in a good way from my perspective. Thanks for sharing these!

    Definately like the photo in the header as well! Why is everybody on the wrong side of the road? (lame “yank” joke….sorry!)



  2. Thanks, and thanks.

    That photo was my first night time shot. For a long time I wanted to get a photo of traffic movement at night and my old camera just couldn’t do it. But with my new camera I can have it fully manual and so could open up the shutter for 30 seconds.

    Hubby and I went into the city and he showed me how to do it.


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