An Islamic Zionist!

It’s not every day that a Muslim intellectual puts his own head on the line to defend Israel’s right to exist. But that is exactly what Magdi Allam, an Egyptian-born Italian writer and journalist, has been doing for years. He recently published a book whose name alone is enough to endanger his life: “Long Live Israel – From the Ideology of Death to the Civilization of Life: My Story.”Allam directly links the denial of Israel’s right to exist to the death cult being nurtured in fundamentalist Islamic circles, and refers to “the ethical erosion that has led to even the denial of the supreme value of the sanctity of life.” Allam sees Israel as “an ethical parameter that separates between lovers of civilization and those who preach the ideology of death.” The sanctity of life, he writes, “applies to everyone, or to no one.” Read More

A fascinating, must read article. But I still pray for the salvation of muslims that can only be found in Christ Jesus

Learn more about the 3Xterrorists … and to see some footage of their speaking engagements see the blog reutrcohen.

Interesting side note

Do you know much about the term assassin and where it may have come from?

The Hashshashin (also Hashishin, Hashashiyyin or Assassins) was a religious sect of Ismaili Muslims from the Nizari sub-sect. They had a militant basis which was employed in various political or religious purposes.[1] They were thought to be active from 1090 to 1272.[2] This mystic secret society was known to specialize in terrorising the crusaders with fearlessly executed, politically motivated assassinations.[3] Bernard Lewis however states that unlike the popular belief, their efforts were not primarily directed at crusades but against Muslim rulers whom they saw as impious usurpers.[4] The word “assassin” is derived from this name. Their own name for the sect was al-da’wa al-jadīda (Arabic:الدعوة الجديدة) which means the new doctrine.[citation needed] They called themselves fedayeen from the Arabic fidā’ī, which means one who is ready to sacrifice their life for a cause. Go to Wikipedia to read more

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    Glad to see this article and gladder still, that there are individuals willing to risk life to promote the sanctity of life.



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