A Secret behind “The Secret” is unveiled

A few weeks ago in Australia we had a special airing of the Oprah Winfrey show where she was talking about the new movie called “The Secret”. To be totally honest with you, it really just sounded no different to certain New-Age Christian teachings, those being “Blab it and Grab it” or the “Name it and Claim it” otherwise known as the “Word of Faith Gospel” and the “Prosperity Gospel“.

I had been over to the you-tube site to see the shorts of this world breaking ‘Secret’ and was not really impressed by it at all, thinking to myself, there is a sucker born every minute. Asking, how can anyone fall for this? Then sadly realising that this is actually exploiting those who feel that they have no real hope in life. With visualisation tools flashed up saying things like:

  • I am a money magnet
  • Everything I touch turns to Gold
  • I have more riches than King Solomon’s mines
  • Money falls like an avalanche over me
  • There is more money being printed for me right now
  • I am receiving money making ideas everyday
  • I am receiving unexpected cheques in the mail
  • I have more than enough money for everything I want
  • I have my dream home
  • I have the best of everything
  • I am grateful and celebrate everyday
  • I know when I ask for what I want, no matter what it is that I want, no matter how impossible it may seem, if I believe and know that it is mine, the answer must be… your wish is my command! (picture a Jinni/Genie coming out of the bottle saying that to you. By the way the Jinni originated from Islam, if you have read the Koran you would know that Jinni’s are demons!)

After the Oprah show aired, a trip to the local DVD store confirmed to me that “The Secret” had hit our shores. Yay…Not!

But then a few days later I was watching a show called “A Current Affair” and they had found that one of the teachers in the film “The Secret” is a con man! No suprise to me actually.

I have come across the original segment that aired recently on the you-tube site which I will post for you so you can check out one of “The Secret Teachers” try and save his behind when confronted in an interview.

And then I will post the follow-up you-tube that I have found about David Schirmer and ‘his little secret‘ that has now been unveiled thanks to “Current Affair”.

And this you-tube is a follow up to the first interview.


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  1. David Schirmer maybe a conman but let’s not overlook Bob Proctor’s involvement. Life Success is run by the two of them. I’m not for Schirmer and I think what he did was extremely awful however Bob Proctor is no different. This is not the first time Bob has had involvement with someone/something that is unethical and immoral not to mention illegal. Bob was involved in the SGR Program which was also illegal in it’s first run and like schirmer tried to cover that fact up. Honestly, I’d like to see ACA or some american channel do an expose of Bob Proctor. He’s been screwing people out of their money for a long time with his self help mumbo jumbo and has no evidence to back up his claim’s. When I last met him he bragged about his Jaguar (Which I’ve never seen in person) and told me he was a multimillionaire (again no proof)…could it be that he’s exactly like schirmer taking money of unsuspecting people to fund his own lavish lifesytle???

    Incase you’ve not got the chance to read up on Bob’s Illegal involvement of the SGR Program check out the following post and read the comment’s:


    The comment’s were written by an Investigative reporter by the name of Andrew Geller who like Ben wanted to expose Bob for all the lies and get rich quick schemes he has been fooling people with.

    This blog is run by a company (Mindvalley) that developed the SGR Program along with Bob and together they even tried to cover up the truth by deleting the reporters comments and threating him.

    I’ve personally emailed the reporter for more info on the sgr program and he’s provided me with a great load of info..including how they faked testimonials, broke the law and comment spammed etc

    I use to be a strong believer in the Secret and the Law of attraction but now I can see that it’s all just one big marketing scam aiming at reeling in suckers like you and me…to make the so called “guru’s” millionaires.


  2. I use to be a strong believer in the Secret and the Law of attraction but now I can see that it’s all just one big marketing scam aiming at reeling in suckers like you and me…to make the so called “guru’s” millionaires.

    I am glad that you have seen the light, unfortunately thousands don’t and fall for this kind of mumbo-jumbo everyday.

    Thanks for you information Dennis.



  3. SCHIRMER IS SOLICITING FOR BUSINESS PARTNERS!!! You can join him in an affiliate opportunity with his company Wealth By Choice Pty Ltd?

    Schirmer is charging $10,000 for the incredible privilege of having a wealth creation business with him selling Life Success products through yet another company. How absolutely positively incredibly laughable is that. This guy can’t even pay his investors back, or the people who have worked for him, or his traders or suppliers and he is now asking people to join him for an incredible once in a lifetime opportunity to spread his message. Oh and there are only 15 places so you better hurry. For someone who owes so much money you’d think he would take all he could get to get everyone off his back but in typical Schirmer style **** **** and more ****. His ego is going to destroy him, just watch.

    I can only imagine the publicity that this is going to get and I don’t think he’ll be appreciating it just like everyone who he owes money to are not appreciating being involved with such a *******. Should be fun watching this next episode when it takes place.

    Choose a different business you fool, who is going to take you serious in wealth creation business when you can’t even pay your debts.

    Schirmer is completely and utterly deluded. He finally just publicly proved it.


  4. Living Journey does not agree with every comment made at times also. Therefore I would appreciate that you do not use colourful language as this would mean instant deletion of your comment/s, or at the very least I will *** certain language out.

    Thanks for the comment Patrick, I just had to edit some of it…. Sorry mate 😉

    Please do not take offense as it is not intended to offend you at all.

    You may not have noticed my disclaimer at the top of this blog but I try to keep this site a place where you can voice your opinion but without using colourful language. Even though I can understand the anger that people must feel when they have something to say. Trust me I really do understand sheer frustration!

    I kept your comment because I thought you had something to add to this post, thanks again for commenting on my site.


  5. Why is David Schirmer selling the Life Success products through his own company? I considered this opportunity a few years ago and I thought the investors are taking legal action over this because they have not had a refund of their investment or any profit share while Schirmer has been publicly boasting of millions of dollars of profits. Is this another example of Schirmer ethics or just a sign of desparation? I would advise anyone to contact the media to find out who the investors are and speak to them before they pay David Schirmer anything for the affiliate opportunity he is offering through his Wealth By Choice company. I also think that anyone interested in any of Schirmers products should investigate whether he has a license to sell the products he is offering including the music and the books. In the end if you buy these opportunities you are responsible for what you are selling to the public and what music you are using and what you are saying. Be very careful, this guy has shown that he has no ethics and is apparently being investigated as well as having legal action taken against him. The investigation process is slow but the action will be swift and you don’t want to be caught up in it after outlaying thousands of dollars for nothing. You have time to investigate and remember investigating is not asking David Schirmer what the truth is, he is a salesman and will only EVER tell you what he wants you to know because he needs your money to finance his lifestyle. He has obviously shown no intentions of paying anyone back the money that he owes. Be smart because if you get involved with Schirmer, you are going to need to be.


  6. Noted quantum physics expert Scientist Bob Proctor and his pals, as well as nearly 2,000 personal-growth junkies, are taking over an entire ship in October! The Reverend Michael Beckwith, is going to be on board as well, raising the vibe by perpetrating a special meditation every morning. Also appearing will be several other renowned hustledorks self-help stars whom Scientist Bob is raving about but most of whom, frankly, I’ve never heard of.

    Alas, for some reason, it doesn’t look as if Bob’s former co-hort, Aussie Secret star David Schirmer, is going to be on board. And the two of them were so good together! (Check out the ACA Interview online where David was exposed for FRAUD in Australia – Bob and David are now being investigated by the Australian Securities Commission for Breaking the Law and fooling/stealing for Investors. Many of their company’s have been suspended and the they may face jail time and a hefty fine. Bob and david are both partners in the SGR Program).

    On the cruise Bob will also be featuring New Thought star Mary Morrissey, whose husband Edward served prison time for laundering money and using funds from his wife’s church for personal expenses, so maybe there will be something of a sense of continuity. (It should be noted that Mary herself was never charged with a crime, and I am sure she knew absolutely nothing about what Eddie was up to.) Anyway, according to the Son of Bob – Brian Proctor, “Mary Morrissey will be on board to do a program with Bob Proctor that will be introduced for the first time on the ship.” Here’s more info about what will be happening when the Self-Love Boat sets sail.

    There will be plenty of opportunities on the cruise for you to learn how to get rich quick, or, even more important, make Bob and his friends richer. F’rinstance, there will be an opportunity to get in on Bob’s Science of Getting Rich program (Which is an Illegal MLM Scheme). And there will be all sorts of additional programs, products, and services to help you max out your plastic.

    No doubt about it, the Mexican Riviera will never be the same. In fact, with a couple thousand aggressively self-improving folks on board, who knows what profound Earth changes will occur? The resulting vibes could be overwhelming; this might just be the event that causes not only California, but the entire West Coast of North America, to finally break off and sink into the ocean.

    And even if that doesn’t happen, there’s something else that might be a red flag for the potential cruiser: the possibility of body-snatcher or walk-in situations. If you watch the video on the site I linked to above, you’ll hear Scientist Bob saying that he guarantees that each person who walks up that gangplank onto the ship will be a completely different person by the time he or she disembarks.

    So I’d be careful if I were you.

    PS ~ Some lyrics that popped up in my head…(the doors – Ship of fools)…


  7. It’s no surprise that the secret has many more secret’s. I’ve just found out that Dr. Joe Vitale a teacher featured in the secret is not an actual doctor. He just gave himself that title inorder to build credibility. Why am i not surprised. That’s exactly what david did when he said he was worth millions. Credibility in an Internet Marketer (Scammers) best friend it allows them to get peoples trust and more importantly their money. I’ve searched the internet and consulted with professors at Local Universities – There is no such thing as a doctorate in Metaphysical studies which Joe Vitale claims to have. God, I feel sorry for all those poor people that invested with him after watching the secret.

    Since this is new news, I’d appreciate it if some of you spread the news just like you’ve done with David Schirmer to prevent other unsuspecting people/investors from getting burned.

    Also while we are on the subject I’ve done some digging behind Michael Beckwith another teacher in the secret and cannot find any information on the doctorate he claims to have…I really hope he didn’t fake his doctorate to gain popularity…he was my favourite teacher.

    It seems like the LOA has ultimately back fired on the Secret Teachers and Rhonda Bryne. Reminds me of the saying “The Hunter has finally become the hunted”. For the people these guys have conned I hope they spend and eternity in hell.

    I apologize for my language but I’ve lost a ton of money to these people and I’m not to happy about it.


  8. Schirmer, who the hell gives a **** whether Tony Robbins helped you or not the fact is YOU HAVE STOLEN FROM PEOPLE AND REFUSE TO RETURN WHAT IS NOT YOURS. Until you get that through your head your business will suffer. Interesting how you quote that you have made sooooooooooo much money but where the hell is it you idiot? If you have made so much WHY ARE YOU SO IN DEBT? Why do you owe all these people so much money. Quit the lies and come clean otherwise suffer the consequences you idiot.


  9. I find it very disturbing that one man can impact the lives of so many people so negatively yet be attempting to teach people the right way to live. I think he is a hypocrite and should walk away or be forced to walk away from the personal development industry. David Schirmer is causing more hurt by continuing along his greedy path to self gratification and it looks like he doesn’t care in he least. I believe his stubborness and greed will be his downfall because he is losing more and more respect every day and every time he tries to take from others. That was the problem in the first place so doing more of the same is not going to change the results. Even David Schirmer should know that. I think he needs to walk away and give everyone time to heal and himself time to be calm and make a committment to each person. I guess that is what the most ethical people do but I’m not sure David Schirmer understands what ethics are. Maybe it will take the enforcement of the law to make him come to his senses.


  10. As far as the whole concept of ‘The Secret’ goes, I find it to be antithetical to what scripture teaches us about money.

    The bible says:

    1Ti 6:10 For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil

    The concept behind ‘The Secret’ has nothing to do with servant attitude and what you can do for others but it has everything to do with serving self first.

    Again this concept is antithical to what the scriptures say we should be, we should be like Christ who emptied himself and became a servant, and like the disciples who instructed to become like servants.

    Php 2:7 but emptied himself (That is Christ), taking the form of a servant, being made in the likeness of men;

    Mar 9:35 And sitting, He called the Twelve (The disciples) and said to them, If anyone desires to be first, he shall be last of all and servant of all.

    J F Kennedy was right when he said:

    Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.

    I didn’t see anything that resembles servant attitude in ‘The Secret’ and servant attitude is definately not shown with those who are involved with it. Schirmer offers nothing! He only want everything!

    The comments are now closed on this post, and I thank all who have commented here to let of steam because they have been burnt by a money making scheme. I hope that things will work out better for you soon.




  11. I have to agree with the last post. I don’t find anything ethical about what the secret teachers appear to be up to particularly that aussie guy. There are so many scadals surrounding the guy that it irks you to think he was even included in the first place. What were they thinking?


  12. Well it seems that there has been a massive DIVORCE in the secret between BOB PROCTOR and DAVID SCHIRMER. It seems that Schirmer screwed over Proctor and is now feeling the wrath of the Gods so everything everyone has been saying is more than likely very true. I am grateful that the truth is finally coming out and it also explains why David Schirmer fought so publicly. He is a very rude arrogant man in my view and he deserves to be stripped of his title in The secret movie also. He is not a teacher, he is a fraud and I have a feeling that what has happened is only just the beginning.


  13. Here’s an idea: If you do a Google search on “David Schirmer”, his companies come up in the Google ads. Every time you click on his ad, it costs him money!


  14. Well to end the week on a most brilliant note, this is how David Schirmer answered the question in the book he is trying to flog WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE in which by the way, he wrote a whole TWO PAGES!! of his apparent wisdom.

    Who Do You Think You Are?

    “I am one of the most successful stock and commodity traders in the world and one of the most brilliant minds on the Law of Attraction.”

    Permit me to vomit, the guy is a deluded sociapath (http://www.mcafee.cc/Bin/sb.html) who is about to get his comeuppance for being such a royal ass. That shows the level of his serious delusion. When he can show any proof at all of his ability to even trade the market successfully then he will have a few ears. Until then he has successfully deluded himself to truly believe he is the best in the world.

    Enjoy the laugh!


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