Rick Warren and the tower

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Rick Warren’s PEACE plan is another way that this tower can be re-built. I have found something that has piqued my interest concerning one of the ways in which this tower will be rebuilt:

[…]but from the pulpit of a “conservative” Baptist church. Without doubt, many sermons have been preached from the pulpits of Bible-believing churches that that have characterized the Tower of Babel as an example of rebellion against God and the object of His judgment. However, on October 30-31, 2004, the pulpit of Saddleback Community Church (Southern Baptist Convention) in south Orange County, California, was in all likelihood the first ecclesiastical location in history from which the Tower of Babel would be presented as an example of what individual members of the Church could accomplish when functioning in concert. In addition, many of the additional 700 churches chosen to pilot the “40 Days of Community” at the same time may have used this positive promotion of the Tower of Babel.[…]

[…]The pastor of Saddleback Community Church, Dr. Rick Warren, was in the midst of his latest 40-day campaign, “40 Days of Community.” The “40 Days of Community” program is a 6-week emphasis on building “community” within the Church, and Dr. Warren’s example of the Tower of Babel was given at the conclusion of the 4th week. In essence, Dr. Warren related that the Tower of Babel was a perfect example of what could be accomplished when men and women work together to reach a common goal. He stated that the construction crew of the “Tower of Babel” worked so well as a group that God had to intervene to separate them.[…]@cuttingedge.org

It is clear that Rick Warren has used the ‘eisegetical’ approach with the example of the Tower to add weight to his PEACE plan, let me make it clear and say that his method is not exegetical (Greek – to lead out) in the strictest sense but rather eisegesis (Greek – to lead in). There is a clear difference and we should be made aware of these different methods employed by the current teachers in our postmodern times and be careful to recognise what method they are actually applying to any given text. This is not the first time I have noted that his modus oporandi is more liberal and in being so should be classified as eisegetical rather than the more conservative exegetical method applied to scripture. For another example see my post called ‘Die or get out Rick Warren says!!!

Post Script:  For an excellent critique written by Michael J Penfold ‘The Purpose Driven Church( A Critique)’ This is a must read for those who want to know the truth behind the program!!!
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  1. Yes…. seems that we are all starting to see this tower being built by human hands, yet it has the spirit that is not of God behind it.

    I saw this happening a few years ago when my friend and I were talking about postmodernism, I said then that mankind wanted to build a tower to proclaim that man has conquered the world and has made it a better place.



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