Centering Christian Chakras

I don't normally re-post, but I have noticed in the last few months that Christan Chakras are getting a lot of attention lately… it is one of my more popular posts and seems it is also a popular search engine term that brings quite a few people to my blog and the post called Centering Christian Chakras — Just you wait and see! So what I am going to do is put a link to that post, and re-post by putting it out there once again.

Let me say this, I have made my case against the use of eastern methodolgy within the Church and my case can be found in the category listed below called 'Emerging Church'. If you are not sure about what is happening, then read 'Centering Christian Chakras just you wait and see', and within that post there are links that direct you to a more extensive argument against the New Age, Occult and Mysticism that is seeping inside of the Church.

As you can tell from the replies given to this post and to others in the emerging church category this is a hot topic and is beginning to divide the body of Christ, the wheat from the chaff is beginning to happen so to speak. So, as much as it is an exciting time that we live in because the Lord is coming soon, it is also sad because His bride is becoming defiled and is acting like an adulteress by sleeping with unclean things.

My call to you is to test everything by the scriptures, and even if it is a real experience for you if it doesn't measure up against the Word of God then you must throw it out. Our measuring tool is the Word of God... Not our experiences, as Satan can give us experiences that are given to deceive and to take our eyes off of Christ and His Word.

If you are biblically illiterate and I mean that with no offence intended as some are babes in Christ and others have not been fed well by their shephards – so you don't have much of an idea of what is written in the Word, then may I suggest that you get your hands on a bible and a good scholarly word for word translation at that. Stay away from the newer translations, as they have become more of a paraphrase, or mans idea of what the message is all about as apposed to a word for word translation, which is harder to read but a lot more likely to be closer the the original transcript. I have posted about these issues as well, which again are in the 'Emerging Church' category… (see below).
You can see above this post and to the right there is a search box, you can use that and type in key words that may interest you and that will then take you to any post that I have written with that particular word in it. It is a useful tool, and I encourage you to use it.

If this re-post becomes really active which it already has to some degree, I will put a section called 'Hot Topics' in my page section which you can see below. In fact that is what I will do with any other active older post, I will move them to the 'Hot Topics' page in the section below… that is where you can check daily or whenever it suits you to see what people are passionate about with their comments, or to see what posts are getting a lot of readership with search engine terms. They are not necessarily my favourites posts, but statistically they are your favourites. So don't forget to check out the page section for more updated material when it comes.

So here we go…. Here is the link for a post that has been given much attention in the blogosphere over the last few months.

Read and enjoy… and watch for the 'Hot Topics' Page when it is activated.

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Centering Christian Chakras — Just you wait and see!