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Ever wondered where Tony Campolo was coming from, and whether or not he is a sound biblical teacher. It would seem pretty fricken obvious when you are quoted on a site called where they say that they are a multi-faith website and dedicated in helping you find your own journey. is so far out there, that today’s article is – get this – how water is angry at us. Yup, water is affected by our emotions. Anyway I digress.

In an article that was published recently Tony Campolo talks about mystical encounters for Christians, and this new kind of spiritual revival that is happening currently. I have to wonder what spirit is being revived here. I have previously posted about this here – and I have to say that it concerns me greatly the way the New Age Movement has in the last ten years or so infiltrated the Church so easily.

Tony Campolo@Beliefnet: Mystical Encounters for Christians When I sensed that believing in Jesus wasn’t enough and yearned for more, I turned to older forms of prayer. It’s one of the most popular questions of our day: Is America having a spiritual revival? I think the answer is a resounding YES!

But while men and women clearly have an intense hunger for experiences that will nurture their souls, many of these questing spiritual nomads have not found what they are looking for in churches. They have tried the church and have heard theological discourses and social justice sermons, but have failed to discover much that offers them mystical encounters with transcendent spiritual powers. They long for experiences that could create the ecstasies of heart and mind that German phenomenologist Rudolph Otto called the mysterium tremendum.

Ok, so it is quite clear to me that this new emergent church is experienced based. Now that is a dangerous precedent. How do you judge your experiences if your church is not doctrinally sound, and neither is your reading material. I hasten to add that the majority of these megachurch goers are not biblically literate because there is no sound doctrine coming from these pulpits at all. They are seeker friendly with a feel good message, as they lounge on their comfy chairs and have their ears gently tickled for good measure. There is a HUGE problem with that. You will accept anything, because it feels good, it’s gotta be from God coz it feels nice – right? –WRONG!!!

We live in a society – and I thought for a long time our secular society was the only one to embrace the feel good do it scenario, but that clearly is not the case. The Church is saying and doing the same now. How Hedonistic of her. How Liberal of her. How — how fulfilled according to Timothy.

2Ti 3:4 -7: …betrayers, reckless, puffed up, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having a form of godliness, but denying the power of it; even turn away from these. For of these are those creeping into houses and leading silly women captive, the ones having been heaped with sins, being led away by various lusts, always learning, but never being able to come to a full knowledge of the truth.

Tony Campolo@beliefnet: Believing the gospel was never a problem for me, but during times of reflection I sensed that believing in Jesus and living out His teachings just wasn’t enough. There was a yearning for something more, and I found that I was increasingly spiritually gratified as I adopted older ways of praying–ways that have largely been ignored by those of us in the Protestant tradition. Counter-Reformation saints like Ignatius of Loyola have become important sources of help as I have begun to learn from them modes of contemplative prayer. I practice what is known as “centering prayer,” in which a sacred word is repeated as a way to be in God’s presence.

The Centering Prayer website has this to say about the origins of centering prayer (lectio devina or contemplative prayer are other terms for it) and its roots. You should always check the origins and roots of such movements to understand their underlying spiritual context. We are told by scripture not to be unequally yoked. So after reading the origins and participators of such prayer, are you sure that it is all innocent and just fine and dandy?

Here is the scripture:

2Co 6:14 Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. For what partnership does righteousness have with lawlessness? And what fellowship does light have with darkness?

Now look at where this form of prayer stems, and see if you honestly think that it is ok when you compare it with the Word of God.

The historical roots of Centering Prayer reach back to St. Joseph’s Abbey in Spencer, Massachusetts, where I was abbot from 1961 to 1981. This was during the time of the first wave of the renewal of religious life after the Second Vatican Council, when many questions were raised for the first time and interreligious dialogue was encouraged by the Holy See. Several of us at Spencer became acquainted with groups from other spiritual traditions who resided in our area. We invited several spiritual teachers from the Eastern religions as well as some ecumenically skilled Catholic theologians to visit and speak with us. Fr. Thomas Merton was still alive at this time and writing extensively about his researches and exchanges in interreligious dialogue. He was one of the most articulate pioneers from the Christian side in the dialogue among the world religions. In a similar spirit we entertained a Zen master who wished to visit our monastery We invited him to speak to the community and later to give a sesshin (a week-long intensiveImage Hosted by

retreat). For nine years after that, he held sesshins once or twice a year at a nearby retreat house. During those years I had the privilege of making several sesshins with him. On the occasion of his first sesshin held in our monastery, he put on the Cistercian habit and ate with us in the refectory. We have a picture of him on his seventieth birthday eating a piece of cake while sitting in the half lotus posture. We also were exposed to the Hindu tradition through Transcendental Meditation. Paul Marechal, a former monk of Holy Cross Abbey in Berryville, Virginia, a daughter monastery of Spencer, had become a TM teacher and offered to instruct us in the practice. Many in the community wanted to experience it.

What next? I am just waiting for the new fad of ‘Christian Chakras and how to align them with the use of contemplative prayers‘. It won’t be long.

I mourn for the Church, and I am sure God weeps, He is knocking on the door, but no-one is answering.

For an update on the emerging church see my post: De-constructing with a view to Re-construct — What will the tower look like


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  3. i think that “centering christian chakras” would be great..
    what better way would Christ communicate to the millions of hindus that he is “The Way” ?

    i happen to know that the chakras exist, experientially.
    plus, science has shown they exist.

    yes, i have been down the new age road, and without christ, it is unknowingly empty to those who are seeking the light of God. it feels good and loving, and it is, but it is a lovely void.
    the mind and body and soul can experience healing.
    but without jesus, one is simply without jesus.

    if the God of abraham, issac and jacob created us…and chakras are part of each of our individual bluprints, as are fingerprints and all other unfoldings anatomical, why the separatist fuss?
    is christian acupuncture under the scrutiny as well?

    i do chakra cleansing daily…in fact i just moved a bunch of sluggish energy from my head that was beginning to be a headache.

    the fuss comes from the fear of the unknown…and i frankly understand….because this is the doorway for our spirit to the outside..which can be really scarry if you get lost.
    its also the doorway for spirits/demons to enter your world.
    but they do it whether you are aware of the doorway or not. dark spirits dont take over your body and go on killing sprees, they mix thought of theirs into yours like: lustful abandon, doubt, fear, and other forms of perception which take us from living the way Jesus wants us to live.

    really, dont you want “new agers” to find Jesus?
    it sounds like there is a lot of judging involved in this “brand recognition” aspect of christianity.
    give them a bible and let them ask Jesus into their hearts.
    its a Personal relationship, isnt it?

    other than cover our sin, christ came to teach us to be able to discover for ourselves the peace and love of Himself In ourselves, to share it and to recognize it in each other.

    truth doesnt divide, its the viewers inability to see it which divides….and that is an aspect of original sin..

    let he who isnt aware of their chakras cast the first stone!
    [see how easy it is to get rightous about our beliefs?]

    May the Lord bless each of us as we grow in His word.


  4. Joel, where does the Lord says in His Word that we have chakras…or that we are able 2 move our energy from our heads…

    re: ‘peace and love and division’…did Jesus say He came 2 bring peace or a sword…
    and isn’t His Word like a double edged sword, able to divide soul and spirit, joints and marrow, and able to judge the thoughts and intentions of the heart? (Hebrews 4:12)

    your headache…’sluggish energy’ or common symptom of kundalini experience and demonic activity…I urge u 2 call on the name of Jesus whose blood is the only power that can possibly protect u from the spirits of darkness that wait at the doorway u keep opening…they will tell u sweet lies as they lead u 2 the false light


  5. sheepy,

    i am truly grateful for your concern.
    i myself AM concerned. i call on jesus nearly ALL the time.

    there are some refernces to the chakas….ezekial’s wheels of light in the sky…or colors he sees….joseph’s “coat” of colors…robe or whatever it is refered to…Jesus mentions to keep your eyes “single”..this would refer to the chakra of the forhead……he mentions the “lamp” of the body…he new we are energy beings…..when the heart of Jesus is spoken of…it isnt his pumping heart….that is the heart chakra…the place where love is felt … isnt the organ
    really they exist and are associated with the body and mind…but yes…you are correct…Jesus doesnt explicitly tell us to move our energy….like chi gung or tai chi…

    did he only teach what the bible says….

    i am aware of my “field” nearly always…its like a listening apparatus similiar to our hearing faculty through our ears…truly i wish i didnt sense this…i wish i was happily “unaware”.. ….

    and frankly…people use it all the time…like when a close friend feel the urge to turn their head…just as you are entering the church?

    and i have to ask…where are we when we close our eyes?
    some people are in their thoughts mostly…some rest in the weight of the body…

    but i have to wonder if this isnt the way we sense the holy spirit within us.

    i confess….i really feel lost..i mean my life has really turned inside out….i have my face in the word daily….i spend a lot of time in prayer with a fixed point of Jesus.

    we are not made of fear…somewhere in timothy….but of a sound mind, etc..
    so i dont want to live in constant fear of my consciousness being under attack…..and i have been attacked….im just waking up to realize how long ive been under attack..

    .i want to rest assured that i am protected by the love of Christ…and i WANT to feel the holy spirit within me…i am praying on these topics for guidance….because i am WIDE AWAKE constantly….and its not always fear….just awareness…

    i feel like neo in the matrix…yeah..its the only metaphor people seem to understand…when he first goes back into the matrix..that is how i constantly feel….separated from everything that once made sense….

    ive had to dump my whole ontological belief system…im starting every aspect of my life from scratch….i spent years training as a wellness practitioner and now cant really interface with people….so

    please pray for me, ive actually come a long way.
    i need to believe.not just because of the fear…
    but because this has to be the only answer…and that inspires awe!


  6. Joel… I think you have every right to be concerned about what you are going through at the moment. You are interpreting the bible with your New-Age mind still.

    I am going to keep you in my prayers. I used to be involved in the occult, and it was a wide road to hell, I used to allow for all sorts of teaching except for the Word of God and I always argued that the scriptures were mans interpretation of God, not Gods Word to us, there is a huge difference. I know fear, and it does not come from God, but from satan.

    You should always interpret scripture by scripture and not by experience only. I do not deny that there are such things as chakras, in fact I know that they do exist, but they exist for the devil only. Not for Christ.

    When the disciples asked Jesus how to pray, he told them exactly how to pray, he didn't delve into chakras and oms or kundalini etc. If that was the way to pray, then it would be extremely obvious in the Word of God. And not so hidden and obscure.

    Please interpret scripture by scripture. The Word of God never changes, and our experiences are not a good measuring tool to guide us to the truth because we are fallible and are fallen, but the Word of God is sure and true, so you can always interpret the scriptures by using the scriptures.

    Take off your New-Age glasses and read diligently.


  7. Here is Joel’s comment that I have forwarded here.

    By joel

    hello v!

    i have thought about looking for the blog i contributed to last spring regarding chakras..
    i was hoping to discover some comments from others following my posting..

    i discovered that you have reformatted that blog
    and i am asking that you would remove my last name which was not intended to be published.
    perhaps this is a clerical faux pas of this reformatting, but i wanted to enjoy the anonymity that everyone else enjoys. perhaps it was my mistake…anyway…i would apprecite it! thank you!

    i also see that you included a response of your own which i greatly appreciate. thank you also for the prayer you mentioned.

    do you have any comments on spiritual discernment? you referenced your own experience with the occult, do you have any comments on discerning the holy spirit from the false spirits?

    i am rebuilding my life solely on the scripture..
    you were correct in seeing my “new age” interpretations of the the bible.

    it really has been a struggle…as i immediately latched onto mark 11:23 and went from there…
    i have since surrendered to just wanting to know God’s will and to hear from him in relationship.

    (i have since gone on to see the wide front of christian thought incuding its false doctrine n christian living…prosperity, etc…the man and self centered interpretations…
    so i have really come a long way…)

    anyway, i was in quite a bit of anguish this summer and i prayed intensely for hours daily.
    i sat in prayer one evening and went through a process of renouncing the occult and energetic ties etc…..well, i experienced a sensation in my chest and cranium…which became A Lot of pressure in my cranium…it still hasnt quite subsided…
    interestingly, a woman from a past relationship [i havent talked with her in 6 months] who i forgave during that prayer called me the very next day.
    it was just really interesting…

    i cant say that i was baptized in the holy spirit…
    but i do still feel a pressure in my head which is the 6th chakra area…and lately i have had total body jolts [similiar to when a persons temperature shifts and they shiver] which now generally occur while in prayer…

    recently, i was visiting my grandmother who is 94 and as we were talking…[i am encouraging her to pray! i just want to ensure her salvation] i experienced a jolt and then immediately saw her experience a jolt.

    i asked her about it and she was aware that it happened, but didnt know if it is common or not.

    We think she will probably pass on within a year, she is so, so frail.

    i dont want to ramble here, but Paul says that we should seek spiritual gifts through the Holy Spirit.

    however, i have no way of discernment….and i dont want anything to do with the occult!!!!

    im not seeking to supplant a craving for power, i only want to know and do Gods will.

    i just want to feel normal. which is how most people would say they feel, yet i have these sensations occuring which i cant ignore…
    i also look exhausted in my face constantly.

    well ive rambled here enough….
    i would appreciate any comments or dialogue you might have…preferably via email..

    thank you so very much!

    in Him we live and move and have our being,

    so i am in the scripture each day and discovering


  8. Joel, I have taken your last name off of your comment.

    Firstly I would say that you should not seek ‘the gifts’ per se and that the best thing to do is to seek and get to know Jesus through His Word, the best gift given to you is your salvation in Him. I am not saying that their won’t be gifts given, but it is best to really get to know Him through His Word.

    Remember that faith comes by hearing the Word of God, his written Word was given to us for a reason. That is our measuring tool for our lives. Faith does not come by seeking the gifts. Eyes on Christ and your eyes should read His book.

    Do you know of any biblically sound church or fellowship that you can involve yourself with? Sometimes it is hard to find a church so…. I will pray that someone comes into your life that helps you to become secure in His Word and that someone will help you through this time and that someone will help you get good strong foundations that are only found in His Word and not in experiential feelings and methods.

    You are a new creation if you have totally surrendered to your Messiah. Made new with your old self dead in sins. You should hold on to that, and everytime you think about anything that your old self would think on, just pray to God to help rid it away.

    In Christ


    Ps: I plan on reading the bible staring next year on the 1st of January. This journey will be open to everyone including you if you want to take it with me. I have a new blog for this journey and a reading plan.

    The blog can be found at

    It will be open to comments from people as they read the daily reading.

    This may be a good way for you to get to know His Word! 🙂


  9. thank you so very much for your comments and insight!

    i have been reading the Word since last april.

    i look forward to participating in your reading plan as i am interested in how people interpret the Living Word, for themselves and others.

    it is my belief that the Word IS the living breath of God.

    yes, a new creature in Christ….with old gum on my shoe,


    ps. i have an interesting array of seasoned Christian friendships in my community.
    im not flying solo!


  10. Comments to this post are now closed.

    Joe, keep you eyes on God and read His Word please.

    I have had to close comments because some people are very much confusing New Age mysticism and it abhorrant practices with Christianity that should never be yoked with practices of the occult.

    These comments are not going to help you, or anyone else who happens to come across this post in this blog.

    My blog stands on the Word of God as being the only inspired Words given to mankind by God Himself.

    I will not allow comments to address any issues in any mystical and clearly unbiblical way.

    Because of this I have had to close this post to all comments.

    Seek the Word of God, read it from beginning to end. Get to know His voice through the pages of His Word.

    That is the only way you will recognise heresy and the many dangerous mystical paths that will lead anyone who follows this wide path to eternal damnation. This unfortunately is becoming more and more prevelant in the fallen apostate church.

    If you want to get yourself biblically grounded go to my sidebar links and check out Moriel Ministries. Please get informed about all the trash that is being espoused as good practice when in actual fact it will lead you away from an Holy and Rigteous God and into the hands of a massive decieiver called satan.

    I will continue to pray for you, and I pray that you become biblically grounded based on His Word and not on experiential practices which will only lead you away from the one you seek. Listen to His Word from the pages of His book that He gave to you to read.




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