The Emergence of a New Looking Christian

"A New Kind of Christian" and his sequal "The Story We Find Ourselves In" by Brian D. McLaren

Backflap A New Kind of Christian: "The author reminds us that this is but the beginning of the journey, and 'whatever a new kind of Christian is, no one is one yet… but every transformation has to start somewhere. For all
who are searching for a deeper life with God and more honest statement of
authentic Christian faith, A New King of Christian will open the way for an
exciting spiritual adventure into new territory and new ways of believing,
belonging and becoming."

Well now, I am not a new kind of christian. Nope – I'm not a new one, I am one of those old fashioned ones who was made a new creation at my conversion. McLarens use of the words journey and transformation is well in line with his emerging and evolving rhetoric – words that are designed to fool the ignorant and the gullible. I have previously posted about this and you can find that here.

I get really scared when I read about these so called – NEW WAYS and NEW WAYS of BELIEVING – as if the old way was no good, redundant in fact. There is no new way of believing or becoming, it is the same way that has been since the birth of the early church. Read the New Testament, it is right there. In fact Romans states that:

Rom 10:17 "Then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God."

Eph 2:8 "For by grace you are saved, through faith, and this not of yourselves; it is the gift of God; "

By faith we are saved because of Gods grace – which is the gift. This faith can only come by hearing the Word of God. It happens to us when we have heard His Word correctly and by no distorted doctrine. Just the old fashioned way which takes us to His Word and to His Cross. We can only recognise Christ through His Word.

Anyway, as this journey is an evolution (see my previous post if you have not already done so) From Crystal to Cobwebs – Where Truth does not abide ) it doesn't suprise me in the slightest that McLarens "The Story we find ouselves in" espouses the idea that science/evolution can teach us some of Gods truths.

Here's an excerpt from Rick Warrens website talking about McLaren and his latest book, the website is called

McLarens book is set in the Galápagos Islands, the same islands that helped
Charles Darwin forge his evolutionary theories. Gigantic tortoises are among the
famous wildlife of the islands (galápagos is Spanish for turtle). And the
storyline allowed McLaren to indulge his passion for tortoises.

The whole thing about using turtles is kinda funny to me, they are rather slow and appear quite dumb. What is McLaren saying I wonder?

In "The Story We Find Ourselves In", McLaren is not just teaching spiritual
object lessons from nature. His goal is much more ambitious. He wants to show
that faith and science are not natural enemies, that together they tell the
story of God's creative purpose.
"One of our crises, as we enter the postmodern world, is that Christianity has presented itself as a system of belief instead of a story. (ehem…Story, come right out with it and say myth that's what you want to say isn't it, or is that in your next book!) And we got on adversarial terms with science." When science sought to explain the world without God, it produced a story without meaning, McLaren says. And Christians, trying to recast the gospel in the language of science and reason, produced a propositional belief system that lost touch with the story that gave it power. "I am interested in seeing science and faith as collaborators,"

"Life evolves to thrive in many different niches." The same should be true
among Christians, he says. "We need incredible diversity to fill many, many
niches."McLaren says.

Now this really gets to me, I'm a creationist, I don't believe in evolution and there are plenty of scientists who are like me out, but they are really good at the whole debate against the THEORY ( it is just a theory people) OF EVOLUTION. If you are in question about your origin then Answers In Genesis is a good site, I have it listed as a link on the side, and there is a new question updated daily in my sidebar too.

If McLaren had his way, then Christians would all be on a journey (looking a little like turtles)becoming more and more evolved and emerging into his idea of what a Christian should be. Now correct me if I'm wrong but that is subjective, isn't it!

McLaren has said he does not agree with certainty, Well I wonder if he is certain about that certain statement. After all, if you cannot be certain that there are absolutes, then you cannot be certain that there a no absolutes.

I am absolutely certain about that. Aren't you?


5 thoughts on “The Emergence of a New Looking Christian

  1. “Answers in Genesis” contains some of the scariest things I’ve read/heard. I can’t understand why anyone would trust a book passed down mostly through oral tradition rather than actually looking at the universe.


  2. I don’t nececssarily believe that it happened by chance, but I’m the kind of person who only believes something is there is proof. (And no, an old book — however sacred it may be to you — is not proof.)

    But for the most part, the origins of the universe don’t concern me. I live in the present, not the (distant) past.


  3. I see that you like poetry and literature etc, have you ever read the bible? 

    Isaac Newton (who is one of many scientists who believe the Written Word) says this:

    ‘I have a fundamental belief in the Bible as the Word of God, written by men who were inspired. I study the Bible daily.’


  4. I have read parts of it, yes, having been brought up a mass-going Catholic (I’m not sure how much of it you get through in the three-year cycle of readings). It is worthy of study and examination, but I could never interpret it literally.

    Well, I lie, I could (and have tried to), but i don’t feel it gives me any advantage to not interpreting it literally.


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