How did multiculturalism give rise to Islamism???

I have just come across a very interesting article that explains the reason behind a question that most people in the west have asked themselves at some point. The question is there a connection between multiculturalism and the rise of islamism is pivotal in understanding the rise of islamism in the West today.

Clearly multiculturalism has failed some groups, why is this so? There is a term that was used in this article which I liked… “inverse segregation”. Multiculturalism isn’t the answer and the West would be wise to wake up to it…

The Islamization of Western Muslim communities has occurred with government assistance, which, through imposed policies of multiculturalism in the name of diversity, has effected the destruction of South Asian culture.

British multiculturalism has encouraged British society to exist as a federation of communities in which each minority community was not required to adopt the values of the majority. This inverse segregation only served to chain particular communities to their self-appointed community groups. Among Britain’s South Asian community, these groups were Islamist-run. Consequently, multiculturalist polices served to homogenize a community whose very diversity it had promised to preserve.

Former Islamic extremist Ed Husain has referred to the result of “25 years of multiculturalism” as not “multicultural communities” but plural “monoculturalism.” Husain recalls:

“Many Muslims want to live apart from mainstream British society; official government policy has helped them do so. I grew up without any white friends. My school was almost entirely Muslim. I had almost no direct experience of ‘British life’ or ‘British institutions’. So it was easy for the extremists to say to me: ‘You see? You’re not part of British
society. You never will be. You can only be part of an Islamic society.’ The first part of what they said was true. I wasn’t part of British society: nothing in my life overlapped with it.” [source]



Google + Singularity…

Singularity-University-bigGoogle is doing all it can these days to prepare for the coming “Singularity”

First, the company hired Transhumanist figurehead Ray Kurzweil to work as its director of engineering. Now, Google has hired top geneticist Cynthia Kenyon to work at Calico, Google’s “moonshot” operation aimed at extending human life.

At Calico, in partnership with Arthur Levinson, former chief executive of Genentech – the first genetic engineering company founded in 1976 – Google will strive to “significantly expand the human life span.”

Cynthia Kenyon, a biochemistry and biophysics professor, will help Calico search for radical life extension technologies. She will be working under Dr. Hal Barron, a former product development leader at Roche Pharmaceuticals thatCalico hired in November of 2013. [source]

Singularity University

Addressing humanity’s grand challenges

Mountain View, CA

Singularity University was jointly founded in 2008 by X Prize Founadtion founder Dr. Peter H. Diamandis and author, entrepreneur and futurist Dr. Ray Kurzweil, and its corporate sponsors include NASA, Google, Nokia, Autodesk, ePlanet Capital and Genentech.

In the coming decades, a number of exponentially growing technologies will massively increase human capability and fundamentally reshape our future. This warrants the creation of an academic institution whose students and faculty will study these technologies, with an emphasis on the interactions between different technologies. The University’s mission is to assemble, educate and inspire a new generation of leaders who strive to understand and utilize exponentially advancing technologies to address humanity’s grand challenges. [source]



Posthuman – Men without Chests!!!

images“Dreams of the far future destiny of man were dragging up from its shallow and unquiet grave the old dream of man as god…” – C.S. Lewis, That Hideous Strength, 1945

“No more gods, no more faith, no more timid holding back. Let us blast out of our old forms, our ignorance, our weakness, and our mortality. The future belongs to posthumanity.” – Max More, On Becoming Posthuman, 1994

The fact that a technocratic system of government is being constructed is becoming clearer by the day. We see daily open proclamations for the earth to be geo-engineered, humanity to be medicated through the water supply, and the very genetic code of the planet re-written. As Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote in his 1970 book Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era, “The technetronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values.” [source]


FBI agent reveals how to reduce our population!!!

One of the law enforcement speakers at the conference was FBI agent Carmine Nigro. He is quoted by the Times as saying regarding synthetic biology, “These technologies do not just pose a risk to individual buildings or cities, but if cleverly deployed, can reduce our population by significant percentages.”

This disturbing comment comes as synthetic biology is being quietly insertedinto the food supply this year via synthetic biology vanilla.

Synthetic biology, according to a 2005 European Commission paper is “…the engineering of biology… the synthesis of complex, biologically based (or inspired) systems which display functions that do not exist in nature.” Unlike the older science of splicing genes from different species together, synthetic biology is seeking to create whole new organisms that do not exist on earth. [source]

That's YOU!!! when you stand in the awareness of your sonship with the Divine and the brotherhood of mankind!!!


Four new articles of scientific information that may have a direct impact in our future lives. DARPA wants to create robots for the ocean floors, why? Google is becoming an unelected superpower! DNA from skin is being used to create human embryos. And the last one, scientists are calling for a human to incubate a neanderthal baby!


  • Researchers at Princeton and Northwestern universities have pored over 1,800 US policies and concluded that America is an oligarchy. Instead of looking out for the majority of the country’s citizens, the US government is ruled by the interests of the rich and the powerful, they found. No great surprises there, then. But the government is not the only American power whose motivations need to be rigourously examined. Some 2,400 miles away from Washington, in Silicon Valley, Google is aggressively gaining power with little to keep it in check. It has cosied up to governments around the world so effectively that its chairman, Eric Schmidt, is a White House advisor. In Britain, its executives meet with ministers more than almost any other corporation. [source]
  • Scientists have made an embryonic clone of a person, using DNA from that person’s skin cells. In the future, such a clone could be a source of stem cells, for super-personalized therapies made from people’s own DNA. It’s unlikely that this clone could develop into a human, say the scientists, a team of biologists from the U.S. and Thailand. The team plans to publish a paper in the future detailing why not, Nature reported. Previously, the team conducted this entire process, including a technique called somatic cell nuclear transfer, in monkeys. Those monkey embryo clones always died before they could grow into adult monkeys. [source]


  • Maybe Neanderthals just get a bad rap. One well-credentialed Harvard scientist, at least, thinks they’re more intelligent than they’re portrayed, and he’s willing test that theory out. He just needs an “adventurous” woman on board as a surrogate for a modern-day Neanderthal. George Church of Harvard Medical School is a geneticist noted for his work on the Human Genome Project. If Neanderthals were re-introduced to the planet, he says, their way of thinking could be beneficial to Neanderthals and Homo sapiens alike. His plan to create a baby Neanderthal – “neo-Neanderthal,” if you will – goes like this. 1) Make artificial Neanderthal DNA from bone samples. 2) Introduce that DNA into stem cells. 3) Put those stem cells into a human embryo, and the DNA will steer it toward becoming a Neanderthal. 4) Put that embryo in a woman and wait for her to give birth. [source]